Recipes after gastric bypass

on 2/5/10 3:32 am - Atlanta, GA

Does anyone know of any good cookbooks or websites that may offer free recipes for people after having the gastric bypass surgery? 

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Hi, I haven't had my surgery yet but have done lots of reading and research. If you go to you will find Susan Maria Leach's book called Before and After: Living and Eating well after Weight Loss Surgery. The book is great and has a 135 recipes in it. She had her surgery in 2001 and tells her story in the book. It's very well written. She and her husband started their company with products specifically geared for WLS patients - called BE. I also picked up Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery by Patt Levine and Michele Bontempo-Saray. I've read through the recipes and I am planning on fixing some now to see which ones I will use immediately after surgery.

If you go on or (or your favorite bookstore) I'm sure they will have these listed.
Good luck, hope this helps. 
on 2/5/10 3:53 am - CT
I have found some really great recipes on
The website is a husband and wife team that both had gastric bypass and are doing wonderful!
I have followed them on youtube (search watchmegetskinny) most of their recipes have videos with them too, so you can see them cooking too. The chili and the pizza soup are my favorite so far!
Hope this helps!
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They do a great job with their videos!  I haven't checked out their recipe site yet.  Thanks for sharing!


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There are some REALLY great recipies here:

Also I have Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery and it's a great book too.


 Example 1

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Thanks for all your help guys.  I really want to try some new and different things because I am tired of eating the same things over and over again. I am a really picky eater and have always been but I just ate a lot of the wrong things that I liked and now since I have had the surgery I really want to eat healthier and learn how to prepare healthier meals for my family especially my 14yr daughter who loves to eat but not the right things.  I want to introduce her to healthier eating and food that tastes good so that she will stick to eating right.  I don't want her to acquire juvenile diabetes because she is 180lbs and not very active. Again thanks for the suggestions and websites.  I am so excited and I have really enjoyed being on this site as a form of support.
Brenda R.
on 2/5/10 4:51 am - Middle O'Nowhere, AZ
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One of the OH members has these sites:  (I think she's got some great info on them!)

Because of having a giftcard for Amazon, I ordered a few books that have great info on nutrition as well as tons of recipes.  The books I purchased were:

Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery: Over 140 Delicious Low-Fat High-Protein Recipes to Enjoy in the Weeks, Months and Years After Surgery Patt Levine

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery Margaret Furtado, Joseph Ewing

Recipes for Life After Weight-Loss Surgery: Delicious Dishes for Nourishing the New You (Healthy Living Cookbooks) Margaret Furtado, Lynette Schultz

Before & After, Revised Edition: Living and Eating Well After Weight-Loss Surgery by Susan Maria Leach

I've really enjoyed what I've read so far!  Good luck!

Brenda :)

on 2/5/10 4:53 am - Atlanta, GA
Thanks Brenda.....