on 2/8/10 4:59 pm
I have a question.  I am out 14 months now since RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery.  I am not doing well with weightloss.  Since regaining about 41 pounds, I discovered that I do not ever experience "Dumping Syndrome" with any food at all - including SUGAR???? How can this be possible??  That is why I requested RNY with malapsorbtion, so I would not be able to eat surgar and other bad foods. Anyone out there with a logical explanation?  I sure would appreciate it.
on 2/8/10 5:02 pm - OH
Malabsorption does not cause dumping.  Malabsorption just means you don't absorb vitamins and minerals well.  You have that.  Everyone with RNY has that.  Malabsorption doesn't prevent you from eating sugar or other "bad foods" though.

Dumping is a reaction that occurs when some people with RNY eat large amounts of sugar.  It triggers a release of insulin that causes unpleasant symptoms.  But only about 30% of people dump after RNY.  If you chose RNY because you wanted to dump, well, the odds were against you.


ellen J.
on 2/8/10 5:03 pm - NY

Not everybody dumps.
Talk to your Surgeon, go see you Nut.
Good Luck,
Kathy J.
on 2/8/10 5:04 pm
RNY on 09/14/08 with
Wow, good question.  I wish I had an answer but I don't.  I'm farther out than you and I still dump on bad things, I know what I can eat and what I can't.  I do notice however, that I don't dump as often as I did when I was earlier out and that sorta scares me. I want to dump...LOL...so I won't want to eat the junk that I use to.  What does your surgeon say?   How did he expain the weight gain that early out from surgery?   My surgeon would've ripped me a new "you know what" if I went back to his office with a gain.  Maybe his insight could help!   Hope you get it worked out though...stay strong and try to get back on track  :)   Tomorrow is a new day!   
Shelly C.
on 2/8/10 5:05 pm - Alameda, CA
The medical reports state that not everyone will have dumping syndrome, and many who do dump early will gain a tolerence or the body will adjust. The main reason for malabsorption is not to dump, it is to allow your body to absorb less calories. Dumping is a reminder or punishment for those who do dump. My sister who is 9 years our gained weight back too because she did not really dump. She has went back to basics and has lost 40 lbs over the last 4 months or so. She learned how to graze past the pouch, and put the weigh back on. Unfortunatly, you may be some of the few that is going to have to exercise food choice control to get back on track. Good luck to you.

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on 2/8/10 5:10 pm - OH
I don't think it's only a few that have to exercise food choice control after RNY.  We ALL have to exercise control.  I do dump on sugar, but I can eat crackers 'til the cows come home.  I can eat pizza.  I can eat pasta.  But if I eat these things too much, I'll gain weight back.  We all have to exercise control.  I hope you're not going into this thinking you don't need to exercise control, because if you are, you're setting yourself up for failure.

Shelly C.
on 2/8/10 8:24 pm - Alameda, CA
Thank you for your concern. I did make very good food choices, however not everyone who is overweight got that way because of food addictions or eating out of control. In my case there are other medibolic issues that are being addressed by getting the bypass. I think the biggest shocker will be the reduced food intake allowing my 600-800 calorie diet, which is the only way I was able to lose weight over the years. I know I will have dumping as I ate strained cream of potato soup one night and dumped the next night on the same soup.

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(deactivated member)
on 4/5/11 1:57 pm
 I soo agree-almost everyone at 24 months plus post op will have to have STRICT CALORIE control
and excersize not to lose weight(if they still need to as in the case of super morbidly obese) but just
to stay the same weight and NOT REGAIN
This is so hard
I had lapband in 2005 
revision to RNY GASTRIC BYPASS IN 2009
lost 160lbs but still need to lose 90lbs and if I eat ANYTHING OVER 850 CALORIES per day I gain weight
which is ironic as before i had bariatric  wl surgery I would have lost stones on this small amount of daily calorie intake.
I have approx 4stones of excess skin which I cant afford to have removed even though it has given me significant medical problems now
what a rollercoaster ride 
on 4/6/11 8:22 am
On January 1, 1970 at 12:00 AM Pacific Time, wrote:
It's NOT true that everyone has to have strict calorie control in order to maintain their weight loss. I eat 2500-3000 calories every day; thanks to my DS, I only absorb about half of them, and am easily maintaining a loss of 173 pounds.

I don't exercise regularly either.
Tracy Ta Da
on 6/16/14 7:34 am - Hurst, TX
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You just love to rub it in, don't you miss DS? LOL


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on 2/8/10 5:11 pm

Because you are a lucky ****

 Be thankful. 

Jackie McGee
on 4/5/11 5:14 pm - PA
Exactly. Be thankful. I wouldn't wish dumping on my worst enemy.
Lady Lithia
on 4/5/11 8:12 pm

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on 2/8/10 5:14 pm

Hi All: I guess I asked my question in the wrong manner, lol. I understand what malabsorption does.  But I chose the RNY Gastric Bypass so I would not be able to eat much sugar if any, or any food that is not good for me.  I am concerned that sugar does not cause any symptom like naseau, etc.  My surgery came with bad timing with another tragic stressor in life, and it really messed up my ability to diet properly.  I lost 62 lbs. and so far have gained back all but 20 lbs.  I am going to see my Surgeon for answers in a couple weeks, but any idea why no reaction to sugar????  No naseau, etc.


(deactivated member)
on 2/8/10 5:24 pm
DS on 10/19/09 with
Hi there. You are with the majority. As Kelly mentioned, about 70% of people who have RNY can eat sugar without any negative response (aka dumping). 

Unfortunately, it sounds like perhaps you were not aware of this, and were counting on the dumping as a sure thing. 

Sorry to hear about the problems you are having, and about your regain. How's your restriction? Maybe just making some better choices (high protein, low carb) could help you lose some of that regain.

Good luck,


H.a.l.a. B.
on 2/8/10 6:37 pm
RNY on 05/14/08 with

Even people who dump initially may not dump later on.  So the first few months post op are for us to learn what to eat and what not to eat.  And some of us who dump initially later experience reactive hypoglycemia even with moderate amount of carbs - not only on sugars.  And when that happens - it is very easily to gain the weight and very difficult to lose any - even with proper nutrition.  Not to mention potential very dangerous or even deadly hypoglycemic response when ever - after what ever.   So - maybe it is a blessing that you do not dump ?
I know it is not easy - but try to follow the RNY rules - eat protein first then some veggies and carbs and stay away from sugars.  Just because you do not dump does not give you an excuse to eat that stuff. 
FYI:  dumping is so unpleasant that its effect may last 2-4 days and make one really sick.  Be careful what you wish for.   

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on 2/8/10 5:21 pm - Gaithersburg, MD
As was stated before, MOST RNY patients do not dump. You are in the majority. You need to follow the advice of your surgeon and nut. so that you will start losing again. You can't rely on dumping to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Good luck. You can do it.

(deactivated member)
on 2/8/10 5:47 pm - San Jose, CA

"In this series, all 19 patients who had severe dumping syndrome had also regained a significant amount of weight. This appears to contradict the notion that dumping syndrome is a beneficial side effect of RYGBP as a behavior modification tool."
on 2/8/10 6:57 pm - richland, WA
I wont even test to see if I dump, I am going to live my life (as I have for the last year) assuming it will happen. 

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Wow thats alot of info
walter A.
on 2/8/10 7:06 pm - lafayette, NJ
DS on 11/12/10 with
Why are you experimenting with negative food items for a very negaitve event (dumping) , Have you considered mental heath therapy.