dry heaving and chest pain

on 2/8/10 12:24 am - beaumont, CA

Last night I had taken some tylenol sinus medicine and then had a protein shake about 20 minutes afterwards.  About 15 minutes after I had finished my protein shake I felt like I was going to vomit.  I didn't, just dry heaved for about five minutes.  But while that was happening I had major chest pain right in the middle of my chest.  I am not sure what caused this chest pain.  By the way I had RNY almost 4 months ago.


(deactivated member)
on 2/8/10 1:26 am - Santa Cruz, CA
The chest pain is probably that lovely "stuck" feeling we get when what we've eaten doesn't go through.

The dry heaves are usually how our bodies get rid of stuff that's stuck in our esophagus. 

It's all a learning experience, isn't it??!  Hope it doesn't reoccur!

Best wishes,

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