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Infection under "tummy apron"

on 2/9/10 4:55 pm
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I am getting "back on track" after re-gaining weight after being 6-years post-surgery, and doing well!  I'm down 22 pounds since Dec. 15, 2009.  My problem is a re-occuring yeast infection under my "tummy apron."  I read the postings on pannus removal, but I have to document each event in order to get my insurance to cover the surgery.  Does anyone know of a good treatment method in the meantime?  The nurse specialist at my surgeon's office suggested Nystatin powder, but I know it also comes in a cream.  Don't know which would be best?  I've been using cornstarch, but it takes so long to clear up.  Any suggestions?  Thank you!

on 2/9/10 5:08 pm - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94

Derma, PCP, call it what it is. Yeast infection.

From my derma:
no cornstarch
no powder

they feed the yeast and make it thrive.

wash the area, dry it, apply an antifungal, such as Lotrimin or store brand, as found in the athlete's foot aisle.

repeat, 3x per day for a day or 3. All 3 steps.

Then twice/day as it begins to clear up.

Once you're safe again, never, ever miss a day.

But first, wash the live yeasties away. Dry to make inhospitable area. Apply a cream barrier to make sure new ones don't come in and mate with the old ones and multiply.

Just adding more cream without the wash/dry doesn't work. how do I know this?

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Jill M.
on 2/9/10 5:29 pm - Toronto, Canada
Not something to use often but Ive used cortison (excuse the spelling) Usually clears it up in the day.
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Anne L.
on 2/9/10 5:34 pm - Rochester, MN
I have the same problem. I have tried so many things but the best thing ever that worked like a charm is Nystatin cream.  Powder did nothing for me but make it worse-- use the cream!!

you need a perscription but your doc should be able to do that.

I would get aninfection out that on a couple times a day and gone in less than 2 days.

on 2/9/10 5:36 pm - Towanda, PA
i have a standing script for  clotrimazole with betamethasone (prescription) as I get them often and the bleed they get so bad.

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on 2/9/10 5:37 pm
Zeasorb AF Super Absorbent Antifungal Powder 2.5 oz (70.9 g)

I have used it under my breast for years...its an antifungal get it in the feet derma told me about it and thank totally has helped me out...but take pictures first and document the area..


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on 2/9/10 5:41 pm - Maricopa, AZ
On any fungal/yeast infection it is best to use a nolveson (sp) or beta-dine wash. After washing dry area thoroughly, you can use a hair dryer for this, and then lightly use an anti fugal cream. Keep in mind that if you use too much cream it will keep the area moist and the whole idea is to dry it up. I took care of a woman who had went from 550 down to 100 pounds because of illness. She had many such areas.

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on 2/9/10 6:01 pm
Thats why I like the Zeazorb...its a antifungal powder.  (but doesn't act like a regular powder or cornstarch)


"The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue." --- Dorothy Parker  

"You may not like what I say or how I say it, but it may be just exactly what you need to hear." ---Kathryn White



on 2/9/10 6:34 pm
When I used to get sore under my breasts I was told to use the same thing you would use for yeast infection it really works.  Yes stay away from powders. I'm afraid I'm going to have the same problem for alot of my weight is on my stomach   Good Luck
on 2/9/10 7:21 pm
By me using the Zeazorb...I never had to worry about it getting to the point where I would need anything else.  Never got infections because I never had breakouts. 


"The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue." --- Dorothy Parker  

"You may not like what I say or how I say it, but it may be just exactly what you need to hear." ---Kathryn White



on 2/9/10 6:40 pm - Wheatland, OK
I had that problem and it turned in to mrsa. I used the powder which eventually made the infection worse...'
WHAT I did was at night take a bath dry the area well then placed a dish towel under the apron. And finally after my another round of Mrsa I had it removed funny part my tt was one yr to my rny and I was not at goal

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on 2/9/10 6:42 pm - Columbus, GA
 I agree with all the above posters- but I have one thing to add. After I shower, and dry the area. I wipe plain old rubbing alcohol on the area to kill any lasting bacteria or yeast. Now, it's not comfortable at all, and burns quite a bit, but it's just one more step of disinfectant and protection. 
on 2/9/10 6:56 pm
Other than my prescription stuff I have always used Pinxsav (pronounced pink salve)  it sometimes clears up over night, got to be clean and  dry to start, I have used it under my breast for me, but did not for my mother-in law do not know why...but like they say get pictures for later ps if you are going for that...
on 2/9/10 7:33 pm - Front Royal, VA
I have one right now, actually =( After I got out of the shower, it was SOOOOO red. Think I'll call my pcp or gyno tomorrow. Maybe I can get in for an rx.
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Jacqueline F.
on 2/9/10 8:27 pm - Flagstaff, AZ
Don't forget to have them document with color photos, I know it is embarassing, but the insurance will probably require them as well as the doctor visits to cover the surgery.  Good luck!
on 2/9/10 9:40 pm - Mcalester, OK
I take pictures of my redness, my camera has the date on it...and my doctor gives me diflucan to take to clear it up...I take 2 pills the first day then 1 for 3 clears up fast...but if you get the script call around, my insurance will only pay for 2 at a has one pill for 4.oo but I pay cash for my 12 pills I get at a runs me about 36.00 a script of 12 at walmart...but call around it's amazing the difference in prices of scripts (now I do get the generic)
on 2/9/10 10:45 pm

NO to cornstarch.....the starch feeds the yeast.

What works for me is cheap and easy....good ol' Gold Bond powder.  Usually clears it up in a day or two....and has a cooling action that really  helps.