jeanette a.
on 2/15/10 12:34 am
i have a nyquil question...my doctor told me from now until my surgery not to take any asprin pain killers or anything that i guess could be a blood thinner..does that include nyquil...
on 2/15/10 12:42 am - Katy, TX
No, nyquil has tylenol in it, that is the one thing we are allowed to take. However if they don't want you taking any pain relievers you should check with the dr first.
on 2/15/10 12:43 am - Brunswick,OH/Ruskin/FL, FL
I just read the Nyquil label last night for a horrendous cold I have.  It contains Tylenol (acetaminophen).  Anything like Motrin, ibuprofen, Excedrin, Aleve-these things have Aspirin in them.


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on 2/15/10 1:01 am
I was sick as a dog last week. I called my surgeon's office. Nyquil is fine- it does not have aspirin. I was cautioned to start with half my usual dose as it does have alcohol and sugar in it.

Yes, we do have to stay away from NSAIDs, Aleve, Ibuprofen and the like.
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on 2/15/10 1:30 am

There are sugar free cough syrups available that do not contain alcohol - mainly geared toward diabetics, but they are pouch friendly.  Check with your pharmacist.

on 2/15/10 1:45 am
I was sick as crap a few weeks ago and used nyquil.  I used my regular dose and luckily didnt dump on it.  However, my stomach did burn for a bit after taking it. 
on 2/15/10 9:30 am
I hope that no one else has the reaction that I did to Nyquil.  I took half the normal dose, and let's just say that sleeping I was not.  I had the dry heaves for quite awhile.  My dh even got up to make sure I was okay, he got so worried about what he was hearing.  I am not one to get that way, only like once or twice since surgery.  for those of us post op be careful.  I'm sure it doesn't effect everyone like that, but whoa was it bad for me.