1 month Average weight loss?

on 2/15/10 2:50 am
Had my one month follow up appointment on Friday! Dr said i was doing great! i had lost 37Lbs (today 40Lbs) he said that was above average! I can start eating solids now but i'm worried if i do i wont lose as much weight. I've been told the first three months are the easiest to lose in. hopefully i'll keep losing my weight at the rate i've been going. It feels great to be lighter! :) what was/is everyone's average first month weight loss?
on 2/15/10 3:08 am - MA
RNY on 09/17/09 with
I lost 40.2 pounds my first month.  I weigh myself everyday and keep a journal of my progress.

Larkin O'Donoghue
on 2/15/10 3:10 am - Lawrenceville, GA
I'm on the other end of the scale it seems.  I've lost 14.4 lbs in the last month (44.4 lbs overall, if you count pre-surgery losses).

Keep up the good work though!  You are doing awesome.

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on 2/15/10 3:39 am - jasper, GA
I lost 32 pounds in the first month and 31 in the last two. Don't worry about your diet. Trust me, you will lose weight! I am three months out and have lost 63 pounds. You will lose the most in your first month so don't get discouraged when you see that you aren't losing as much as that first month. Plus, if you are excercising you will also be building muscle. You are doing great!

Hi Tracey -
Below is my 7 month weight loss stats.  As you can see the 1st month was the highest weight loss and then it decreased.  Keep in mind that there are so many variables that impact how quickly we lose weight (metabolism, starting weight, gender, age, type of operation (RNY/DS may lose more vs sleeve/lapband since it is also malabsorption), how many calories we intake, how many calories we burn with exercise, etc).  I always tell OH members to try not to compare themselves to others - in particular if they are going to get upset by it.  However, I think we all like to know how our results stack up to others. 

  The only thing we can control is that we are getting in our required protein + water + exercise + vitamins.  Our bodies at the end of the day will decide how fast or slow we take off the weight. 

HIghwest Weight - 432 lbs.
July 14, 2009 Surgery Day - 410 lbs.
August 16, 2009 - 371 lbs. (39 lb loss for 1st Month)
September 13, 2009 - 353 lbs. (18 lb. loss for 2nd Month)
October 11, 2009 - 339 lbs. (14 lb. loss for 3rd Month)
November 8, 2009 - 327 lbs (12 lb. loss for 4th Month)
December 6, 2009 - 314.2 (14.2 lb loss for 5th Month)
January 3, 2010 298.4 (15.8 lb loss for 6th month)
January 31, 2010 285.6  (12.8 lb loss for 7th month)
Current weight as of February 14, 2010 = 280.2 lbs.

Hope this info is of help to you.


"Learn from Yesterday.  Live for Today.  Hope for Tomorrow" - Albet Einstein

Chris Skidmore
on 2/15/10 4:36 am - Fort Worth, TX
Well this is truly going to throw your averaging off so I am just proving the last point. In the 1st 2 weeks after surgery I GAINED 23 pounds. Now yes I agree with the doctor/friends that of course it is water weight, however it was the number that the dern scale told me so yes it's real weight gain. Now my reason for the gain is that you tend to swell/retain water after receiving units (4) of blood (not related to surgery complication). So now that I'm 3 weeks out I am in the process of losing THAT 23 plus some.

The point I'm making is that ANYONE on here has different stories. No 2 numbers are going to be the same.

Much continued luck on your weight loss and know that you did this surgery to lose the weight. It didn't take only a few months to put on so it's going to take a few months to take back off.
1st Ticker is Since Weight Loss Journey Started
2nd Ticker is Since Surgery 1/21/2010
Elizabeth N.
on 2/15/10 5:18 am - Burlington County, NJ
You have lost over one third of your excess weight (assuming your ticker incorporates your loss to date) in FOUR WEEKS. You WANT to slow down! This is a marathon, not a sprint :-).

It will slow down regardless of what you eat now, because of what is called the glycogen effect. Some of this incredibly fast loss has happened because your body has utilized its emergency stores of energy for what it perceives as an emergency/famine. This lets loose a whole bunch of fluid. Your body will restore that emergency source, which will entail retaining the fluid it let loose to use the glycogen. So you will slow down or even appear to "stall," but it will be all about the fluid and have nothing to do with losing or gaining fat. Don't let this freak you out when it happens.

Don't let the scale movement (or lack thereof) be your sole measure of progress. This is about a heck of a lot more than numbers on the scale.
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