On average, how much do you spend on vitamins & protein a month?

Lori M.
on 2/22/10 9:36 pm - O Fallon, MO
I added EVERYTHING up last night and it came to about $65 a month.  The 3 most expensive parts for me are I use BA chewable multi vitamins & calcium, and I also use vitron c (iron with vit c).  i take 2 vitron c's a day (low iron = 1 bottle a month/$15).  These 3 combined plus powder protein (walmart 2 lb. tub) is about $52 a month.  How much are you spending? 
on 2/22/10 9:57 pm
probably over $100.00 a month, but I am also saving on all of the junk I used to buy.  Now, if you ask how much I am spending on clothes and new shoes.......I'll never tell.

Sagamore Hills, OH
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Lori M.
on 2/22/10 10:04 pm - O Fallon, MO

oh, i know i spend more...protein bars, protein shakes, almonds, cheese sticks...etc.  I considered that all food expense.  i just wanted to see if what i was spending on vitamins etc. was overkill.  i probably spend about $100 a month too with everything. 

on 3/18/10 1:38 pm - Kannapolis, NC
 I have found a really neat supplement that is actually in liquid form. It is considered to be the most complete multi-vitamin supplement available. It runs about 75 bucks a month for a person and 145 for 2 people(in case you want your spouse on it too!). I like it because it is everything I need in 2 ounces of liquid a day...not to mention 98% of liquid supplements are absorbed opposed to 10-20% of pill supplements.

Interesting Fact: A gastroenterologist did a colonoscopy on a patient that showed a Centrum pill that was still undissolved and unabsorbed in the intestines several days after the patient had ingested the pill. This just reiterates the fact...only 10-20% of pills are actually absorbed!

on 2/22/10 10:05 pm - OH
About $100 a month, but that's 'cause I use ENS for my multi because everything else made me nauseous and it's ridiculously expensive.  I spend $50 a month just on that.

Mary C.
on 2/22/10 10:12 pm - Canada
Probably around 50$ a month. Protein not included. I don't use protein drinks - just the occasional protien bar - maybe 15 times a month - they are worth about $1.50 - $2.00 - so with protein - around $80 per month.

on 2/22/10 10:19 pm
If I used all one brand - it would be about $60.00 a month -  something like Celebrate's Monthly Bundle Pack.
on 2/22/10 11:22 pm - Nixa, MO
I don't use bariatric vitamins, just regular multi vits from Sams, ditto on the B complex and calcium. I have had good labs from the beginning and have no trouble swallowing. I use sublingual b12 and I do chew one Flintstone a day because I like to donate blood and even though my iron levels are great as far as the MD is concerned the blood center wants them higher and the Flintstone has taken care of that. I am glad I don't have to buy special vits. I use about 1 tub of Click protein a month and it costs under $18 if you get it on auto ship/pay. I don't really spend anything else on dietary - maybe occasional jerky. I eat lots of egg whites, tuna, peanut butter, chicken (I hate it but eat it anyway), ground beef, cottage cheese, yogurt and occasional steak. I am over three years out.

Adamsamah, Lana
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on 2/22/10 11:26 pm - OH
I'm just curious about why you're using Flinstones for iron instead of an iron supplement?  Or does Flinstones make an iron supplement?  I'm assuming you mean you're using a Flintstones multi for iron but that's what seems weird to me.

on 2/22/10 11:33 pm - Olive Branch, MS

I am so glad to hear what you take and being 3 yrs out you have been successful..last week I opened a can of worms on this site with a couple of people mentioning Flintsones but that is what my surgeron and nut said to take...I will be 6 months out next month had some labs done by my primary doc and he checked everything he could think of and they came back great..I am still doing protein shakes to make sure I get all my protein in (I still do catch myself not eating) but so far my hair is staying in place and everything else is great..I read a long time ago about excessive vitamins all you do is pee them out and that is "normal" people so I can only imagine what we would do with them. I will see my doc next month so will see what they say then. I have fallen in love with the "Believe" protein drinks they are a little pricey with shipping but well worth the investment in health matter of fact my hubby orderd 3 cases of them for my Valentine present that is what I wanted haha  Thanks for the info and continued good health to you..  I do take the sublingual B12 and Calcium...

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