Gas pains and Crystal Light?

on 3/11/10 8:58 am

I am a month post op and just got home from hospital because of extreme gas pains. I am trying to figure out what caused them so I don't repeat it. The only thing I have come up with is the aspartame in Crystal Light??? Has anyone else had trouble with aspartame/crystal light causing gas pains? 
And if so, what did you do to treat it? At this point the dr. prescribed Nexium. That is working ok but the relief doesn't seem to last all day/ all night (2x a day). Any advice would be truly welcomed!

on 3/11/10 9:07 am
Hi there. I had RNY in Oct. The day after Christmas I almost had to go to the ER because of severe gas. I was on the floor writhing in pain. Crying and waiting to die. And I'm not even a baby at all!!

Turns out....I needed to poop. Have you pooped?

I now take miralax daily to prevent that from ever happening again.
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on 3/11/10 9:11 am

You know I have. Before I went to the ER I had taken a laxative at my dr. advice. I completely emptied out my system with the exception of the gas. I don't get it. My dr. thought maybe there was something else wrong, so he told me to go to the ER. They did every test imaginable--they all came back neg. His conclusion was he gave me Nexium and sent me on my way. I haven't eaten a true meal in a week, but yet I am still have gas pains. Craziness!
Colleen O.
on 3/11/10 10:05 am - Wake Forest, NC
I posted something like this a few weeks ago.  I had the same problems.  Some great advice came across-give up artificial sweetners and see what happens.  I did just that, and wah la-no more gas!  Seriously, it's like a miracle.  Stop for a day and see what happens....
on 3/11/10 11:10 am - Canada
My pouchie gets grouchy if it gets too much crystal light.  It keeps me awake at night with the feeling of GERDS or acid reflux type of a thing.  I've found I can tolerate the Roobois tea, but none of the yummy fruit flavored ones.  I take prevacid every day and it does not help against crystal light for me.

I've tried other brands, Kroger being one of them, and not had an ounce of problems.  Although I only had a limited stash of those.

on 3/11/10 9:11 pm - Lithonia, GA
i had lap rny 10-15-08 and struggled with gas pains and still do ...i am 38 a lady i met who had surgry a days beffore me at my doc gave me some old folks advice that ha worked everytime...mustard...plain yellow mustard...i keep packets in my car...i squeeze some in my spoon or on back of my hand and within a few minutes....major gas being expelled. this still works for me today after drinking or eating...hope it helps...please post if it does
on 3/15/10 2:13 am - FL
I also noticed  problems wth too much aspartame. I was drinking a lot of crystal light and getting headahces, joint pain and just feeling lousy. I read a lot of bad things about aspartame. So now I just brew some fresh decafe ice tea and sweeten it with whey low or something compatible. I notice(and so has my mom) a big difference w/o aspartame.