Pork Rinds re: protein

on 3/11/10 4:47 am - Southaven, MS
Why does my bag of pork rinds say protein 13 g Not a significant source of protein. A serving is 70 calories. I think 13 g is pretty good. What say you?

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Bill I.
on 3/11/10 4:54 am - Ashton, IL
The problem is absorbtion.  

Even though the pork rinds have a lot of protein, a normal person does not absorb that much of it and a DSer absorbs even less.

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on 3/11/10 5:48 am
I say enjoy. There is no difference in the protein than any other meats. It counts in your totals.
Jeanie M.
on 3/11/10 5:55 am - Canada
A sufficient source of protein would be equivalent to a serving which is 3-4 oz or 21-28grams. I suspect that is why it is not sufficient as a source. However, they are delicious and do have protein, which added to other sources throughout the day would surely be sufficient. ENJOY!
on 3/11/10 6:07 am, edited 3/11/10 6:09 am - Capital Region, NY
The key word here is "significant" while pork rinds do have protein as was mentioned absorbtion but also VOLUME to eat required amount for a significant amount of protein...

The bag that I bought says.. 9 grams per .5 ounces.
So 1 ounce does have 18 grams of protein...

(trying to post photo)-- oh well that's not happening today...

1 ounce is about 2 CUPS of pork rinds. THAT is a great deal of volume.

as someone said... they are tasty and I eat them anyway... just not a big factor in my protein for the day.

I'd rather eat scallops & shrimp!

but go ahead and enjoy... I do like them from time to time!
Anna G.
on 3/11/10 6:17 am
The collagen protein found in pork rinds is not a bio-available source of protein. It's the protien found in skin, hair and horse hooves. You can't live on it.

on 3/11/10 7:04 am - Sterling, VA

I have been told there is wide variety in the amount of protein claimed by different brands for the same amount (weight) of rinds.

To me, that means that the higher numbers might be suspect....maybe not, but something to be careful about if you are counting on the protein source.

Kind regards
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on 3/11/10 7:40 am - CT
RNY on 08/05/08 with
ok - eeew re: skin, hair, and horse hoof - that comment put me right off pork rinds.... -Sarah
rebeka C.
on 3/11/10 7:44 am - SC
I get em for road trips.  I don't factor them in my daily protein needs, but they're a better choice than potato chips, just have to watch the total calories & fat!