Did Forest Whitaker Have WLS?

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 Keeping in mind how some celebs in the past who did have attirbuted their dramatic weight loss to "healthier eating" or some such instead, at least at  the beginning .....  :

    http://insidetv.aol.com/2010/03/12/forest-whitaker-explains- his-dramatic-weight-loss-video/?icid=main|htmlws-main-n|dl2| link6|http%3A%2F%2Finsidetv.aol.com%2F2010%2F03%2F12%2Ffores t-whitaker-explains-his-dramatic-weight-loss-video%2F

Frank talk about the DS / "All I ever wanted to be was thin, like that Rolling Stones dude ... " 

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He looks great! 
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Does it really matter? He is as entitled to keep his business to himself as anyone else is. I prefer to worry about my own self instead of butting into others lives. Whatever he did, good for him for making changes.
on 3/14/10 10:40 am - Garland, TX
Well, a pet peeve of mine are WLSer who deny they had WLS when asked ..     or worse, lie big time and attribute their weight loss to "diet and exercise changes" instead ..   

  How can you "pay it forward" that way?     And, IMHO, to be ashamed of having had WLS is as bad as admitting you "took the easy way out", as we are often accused of doing  ..     

  Be proud to be a WLSer!     

Frank talk about the DS / "All I ever wanted to be was thin, like that Rolling Stones dude ... " 

 HW/461  LW/251 GW187 CW/315 (yep, a DS semi-failure - it happens  :-(    )

on 3/14/10 10:42 am - Owings Mills, MD
has he denied it?
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Your pet peeve does not mean that you get to ferret out if he had WLS or not. It's called PRIVATE MEDICAL INFORMATION. Who gives a rat's ass? I mean, really. His life. His body. His business. Keep your damn nose out of it.

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on 3/14/10 10:50 am - Sevierville, TN
I am a proud weight loss surgery person but I'm nobody. I dont have to worry about seeing my face and body splashed across the tabloids. It is one thing to be honest and open with family and friends and even aquaintances but to just go announcing it to the whole world? I think not. Besides, it is very possible that he did it on his own.
on 3/12/10 1:06 pm - Oklahoma City, OK
i dont think he did. conicidently he was on rachel ray this morning talking about his fabulous nutrionist hes been working with for a heathier lifestyle.

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on 3/12/10 1:40 pm - Cleveland, OH
I don't think he had WLS. I've been watching him for a couple of years and he's been losing weight very slowly. At first I thought it was my eyesight or the different shadings in movies and on TV. BUT if he did have WLS, it's his business if he doesn't want anyone to know. I personally don't want anyone but family and very close friends to know of my WLS. Some ppl want to tell you about everyone else's side effects, etc., and I don't want to go through all of that. If I were having surgery for female problems, I wouldn't want ppl to know all the ins and outs of that either. JMHO

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on 3/12/10 10:42 pm
He's a lot smaller than the last time I saw him, but I don't think he's has WLS.  He was noticably thinner toward the end of his run on "The Shield."  I can't remember, but I think he was on there for a couple of seasons.  After the hiatus, they (the writers? producers?) put his weight loss into the storyline, like his character (internal affairs or something like that) had lost weight in his obsession over trying to get Vic Mackey (main character, corrupt cop on show).

Is it possible?  I guess so, but if he doesn't want to share, that's his business.
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