How long does it take for the liver to shrink....

on 3/25/10 12:45 pm - Killeen, TX
I have been doing great on my pre-op diet! I had to pee a lot during the first two days of this diet. I just wanted to know how long it actually takes for the liver to shrink??  Especially considering that some people on have to do a couple of days....Thanks! 
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Guernica Loser
on 3/25/10 1:14 pm
I would think it takes as long as your doc puts you on the pre op diet.  I'm thinking each person is somewhat different depending on BMIs and how fatty a liver may be.  I know if a doc can't get around the liver laproscopically then it's OPEN and no one wants that. 

You can do this.  I KNOW it's hard, but just think how good you'll feel after surgery.  WLS is not an answer.  It's just a tool, so you will still have to monitor all you eat.  I put SF candies or gum in my mouth when I was unable to eat.  I had swanson broth with taco bell sauce.  I has SF pudding and dannon diabetic friendly yogurt.  When I was on liquids only, no yogurt of pudding, I managedd, but it wasn't easy.

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on 3/25/10 3:13 pm
RNY on 03/16/10 with
I am 10 days post op and I didnt have to do a liquid diet but the day before along with a bowel prep. I know that my surgeon did do an extra incision a couple inches below my breast to stich up my liver a little higher. It was all done Laparoscopic.... Looks like I was in a fight and got stabbed 5 times.. LOL

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on 3/25/10 5:19 pm
From an article in

"Fatty liver disease is completely reversible," he says. "If you lose a small amount of weight, you can markedly reduce the fat content in your liver. In fact, even two days of calorie restriction can cause a large reduction in liver fat and improvement in liver insulin sensitivity."
on 3/26/10 10:31 am

That is correct except if one has had fatty liver of hepatic steatosis long enough to cause fibrosis.  Once the liver is fibrotic, it is not reversible.  That was the worry with me as I have been over 300 hundred pounds for many years.  I was lucky though, no fibrosis and I can completely heal my liver.

To the OP:
I had to lose weight prior to surgery to shrink my liver.  My nutritionist recommended a high protein, low fat, low carb diet.  I stuck to it like it was life or death and lost 24 pounds in 47 days.

Good luck with the rest of your pre-op diet and your coming surgery.
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on 3/25/10 10:34 pm
boom im also on my 1 week liquid but my procedure is i am wondering y i even need liver to shrink?? hmmmm its sooooo hard! im starving lol
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on 3/26/10 12:34 am
 I had a 2 week liquid diet, carnation instant breakfast, clear broth and one pudding or yogurt allowed a day (all no sugar added stuff).  It is hard but the more you can stay on track the better for you and your surgeon come surgery day.  Any weight loss ahead of time is in your favor and the more fat stores leave the liver the easier it is for the surgeon to maneuver around.  Good luck to all of you on this part of the journey, you can do it!
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Jacqueline F.
on 3/26/10 1:01 am - Flagstaff, AZ
The goal of the presurgical diet is to get the liver to be less slippery so they can do your surgery laproscopically and not have to switch to an open proceedure.  I don't know why some do not require it, but it to me was not worth the risk to test the theory by not staying low carb low fat.

Good luck!

on 3/26/10 4:19 am
My surgical experience (RN for 22 years) is that 2 weeks of low (or no) carb diet can shrink the liver significantly.

I have seen big, slippery livers in the OR. It is nothing nice and really makes it harder for the surgeons to do laparoscopic procedures.

Try to stick with it. I had to do it too. I know it is tough.
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on 3/26/10 9:29 am - Pen Argyl, PA
DS on 08/16/10 with
Ok I am not asking this to sound rude but......if you can not handle sticking to this pre-op liquid diet for a mere 2 weeks what makes you think you are ready for a surgery that you will have to make lifetime changes for????

I ask this since I read your post about cheating on your liquid diet and now this post. Have you really thought about the future? Are you sure that you can stick with the diet and suppliments even if you think it is a pain or inconvienent?

I realize that you have not had the surgery yet and you have to control your mind while the Dr does what he can surgically to control your body. Really think about that. You are about to have a major surgery that will change your entire way of life. It will change the way you eat, what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat etc. I just want you to be sure you can do this post op.

I think you need to be concentrating on your future. You need to keep yourself busy and not worry about why others have different requirements. Your dr is treating YOU not others. He is looking out for YOU. If he did not think something was appropriate for YOU he would not require it. 

Relax and go with the flow,
enjoy the ride, good luck