Wellesse Calcium? X-post

on 3/31/10 12:52 am
 Just wondering....
Has anyone tried this product? It is liquid in "Natural Citrus Flavour" and 2 TBSPs contain: 
Calcium citrate/phosphate 1000mg
Phosphorus 200mg
Vitamin D3 25mcg/1000 IU
It has no sugar or lactose. 
Does it sound too good to be true???
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Andrea U.
on 3/31/10 1:16 am, edited 3/31/10 1:22 am - Wilson, NC


The problem is that calcium triphosphate is not well-absorbed by anyone, including those of us that have had our stomach acid reduced.  It's actually worse than carbonate.

Without knowing exactly how much citrate there is in the product, we can't say how much good you'll get out of that.

ETA: So I called the company cause I'm ballsy like that.

Supposedly, this product is 80% calcium citrate.  And she assured me multiple times that it is 800mg elemental calcium from citrate.  I did kind of throw her when I started telling her how much calcium is in  the citrate molecule versus the carbonate or tricalcium phosphate molecule..

So let's look at some scenarios.  She was absolutely assuring this was 80% calcium citrate.  Let's say it is calcium citrate, but not elemental calcium?  that's 800mg of calcium citrate.  1/4 of that or so is elemental calcium so 200mg of this would be actual calcium.  So 2 Tablespoons would equate to  200mg of calcium.  We need 1500-2000mg at a time, so you'd need quite a bit.

Or, she was correct in speaking that it was 800mg -- in which we only absorb about 500mg - 600mg at a time so, you'd still have to take it 3-4 times a day.

You can take the chance that it is actually elemental calcium.  I'm just not going to, personally.

on 3/31/10 1:25 am
 Thanks Andrea-
Of course I find it very palatable so I knew it was too good to be true. lol

On a separate note, my friend has recommended I take rhodiola rosea. Do you know much about that supplement?
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Andrea U.
on 3/31/10 1:30 am - Wilson, NC
I added something to that reply.  I called the company and added some math.

I don't know anything about it other than a quick perusal.  It looks like something similar to St. John's Wort -- the cold climate equivalent.  Because of that, be careful with any meds that deal specifically with seratonin levels.  If you take anything that mentions MAOI inhibitors or such, be aware of that interaction.

I don't do the herbals.  just too much to learn!

on 3/31/10 1:37 am
 I love you!

You are too cool and smart! Seriously!!!
All my life I've been confused about all the contradictory information out there re: supplementation. So I've always avoided it completely (my old PCP also advised "folic acid only" for almost all of his patients).

But now, after WLS, I know I REALLY need supplementation and cannot get my arms around the proper amounts/types/schedules. And I have tons of trouble with pills -- feeling like they get stuck in my esophagus (but I'm sure they don't...)?

Thanks for your help/info!!!!

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