surgeon knicked my liver...anyone else go through this?

on 4/3/10 1:05 pm - canisteo, NY
My surgeon knicked my liver during my RNY.  He told my husband he packed it and its nothing to worry about.  A friend of mine works as a nurse in the OR and she said it could be troublesome in the future. 

My question...anyone else go through this and did you have any side effects from it?
on 4/3/10 1:22 pm - Porterville, CA
I did not go through this but I would research it and make sure everything will be ok. Good luck to you.
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on 4/3/10 1:23 pm - Sevierville, TN
Knicking the liver is always a possibility and that is why some surgeons require a liquid diet before surgery to shrink the liver. I have even heard of surgeons closing patients back up without doing surgery if the liver indicates that they didn't follow the liquid diet to shrink it. I'm afraid I dont know the consequences of having a knick in your liver but I do know that the liver can repair itself and regrow sometimes, depending on the situation. It might be a good question to ask of your PCP.

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on 4/3/10 2:00 pm - AZ
If you did not have immediate problems I disagree with the thinking it should be a problem in the future. That is like saying a paper cut might begin to re-bleed 4 months from now. Silly thinking.

If you do not have problems this far out, you are fine.

Liver lacerations are a known complication of abdominal surgery.
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on 4/3/10 2:07 pm
I had my liver nicked during gallbladder surgery.  The surgeon said she stuck some durabond on it and I was good to go.  She was right.  I never had a problem, and that was years ago.
on 4/3/10 2:24 pm
I get My RNY done 5-7 and they are going to take a biopsy of my liver the same time. So it should be fine. My doctor is a main surgeon at the hospital too not just WL.
on 4/3/10 11:19 pm - canisteo, NY
My surgeon has people go on a 2 week very strict and balanced diet (kinda reminds me of the old Richard Simmons Deal a Meal plan) and clear liquids the day prior to surgery.

I pretty much agreed that it would heal itself but just wondered how others healed from it

Thanks for all your input!!
on 4/4/10 1:26 am - Maricopa, AZ
I would not worry much about it. I had to have over half my liver removed in 1990. I had some problems for a few months afterwards with it, but now it is fine. If I had no trouble the last 20 years from something that intense, I am sure a nick is not going to bother you down the road if you have had no troubles lately.

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on 4/4/10 4:51 am
RN of almost 23 years here. (Most of it in surgery ICU)

The liver is a very bloody organ. And an obese person has a bigger and slippery organ.

That said, liver biopsy involves a cut and a chunk. The put a little 'glue' on it and send you on your way.

You will be fine. Any uncontrolled bleeding would have manifested already.

As someone else mentioned, it is a known risk and was on your consent that you signed.

Good luck and take care! 
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on 4/4/10 9:53 am - AL
My surgeon routinely does a liver biopsy and he said some of the post-op pain I had was from that procedure.

I would certainly want to know exactly what happened in surgery and what to expect in the future.  And I wouldn't trust that surgeon to tell you.

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