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Has anyone else had Cellulitis in the stomach area?

Ruth Vandenderen
on 4/14/10 2:53 am - Gresham, OR
I was hospitalized for Cellulitis for a week and sent home with a picc line for 7 days of Iv vancomysin antibiotics.  Has anyone sles had this and is it preventable?
on 4/14/10 2:57 am - Dedham, MA
OOOOHHH, that sounds rough! Sorry to hear you're experiencing that. Never had cellulitis, so I'm no help there, but I hope you get some relief and heal up nice and soon!
Patty B.
on 4/14/10 2:58 am
No I didn't get it!  I'm a nurse and is it preventable.  It depends if you got it under your stomach fold it's hard to clean there.  If you got at incision site.  Probably not your problem.  I had one incision site that didn't close well and couldn't take a bath for months.  I had to clean with peroxide and then I left it to the weeped and weeped but thank God no cellulitis.  Good Luck and God Bless patty
Ruth Vandenderen
on 4/14/10 3:30 am - Gresham, OR
Mine occured at a wound site.  I had 3 children28+ years ago via c-section and that area of skin is very thin.
Patty B.
on 4/14/10 8:51 am
That could be the problem...Just look at it like a bump in the will get better.  Not sure how far you are along with your surgery...Are they allowing protein and vitamins yet because that's going to be so important now to heal and get better.   God Bless you Ruth you will get better and be on a great healthy path ....My legs no longer hurt...I actually hiked 3 miles (I could have never done that before.  I can sit in one seat on an airline...Its amazing what happens as you get healthier!  Love Patty
on 4/14/10 5:06 am - Sioux Falls, SD
Wow Ruth I am so sorry to hear you've been sick. My mother had cellulitis in her ear canal which was extremely painful, but I have not heard of anyone having it in their stomach area but I suppose it can happen anywhere. I hope you will be feeling better soon!!
on 4/14/10 1:33 pm

You can get cellulitis anywhere; legs being the most common I have seen.

Once piece of advice I would offer is make sure your infection is totally resolved before you let them pull out your PICC line.  Sometimes it takes more than a week of IV antibiotics to get rid of it and I would hate to see you have to go through the pain of getting another PICC line placed.