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throwing up bile!

on 4/25/10 5:51 pm
Could some one tell me if the pouch should have bile in it? My understanding was the pouch should not have bile in it! for the past 2 days I have been throwing up bile! I don't put much in my pouch as I have a feeding tube and that is were my food and meds go! Please any help or info on this subject would help>>>>>>>>I am waiting for a reply
Andrea U.
on 4/25/10 5:54 pm - Wilson, NC
No.  The pouch would not have bile in it normally.

Butterfly Reborn
on 4/25/10 5:56 pm

vomiting bile?

Go IMMEDIATELY to the ER!!!!

Call your surgeon en-route to let him/her know what is happening and where you are going! 

Do it NOW!


Let us know you are okay! 

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Amy Farrah Fowler
on 4/25/10 6:15 pm
I hope you are already en route to the doctor, and second what Butterfly said. If you have a blockage that can be very serious, and the sooner you are seen, the better.

Do not wait for replies on OH, go now.
on 4/25/10 7:23 pm - Katy, TX
RNY on 03/26/07 with
Dude, hopefully you are in the ER or admitted to the hospital already. If not, GET TO THE ER NOW!!!!! Vomiting bile = buttload of trouble!


Donna B.
on 4/25/10 7:57 pm - Round Lake, IL
RNY on 05/11/10 with
I'm with everyone anytime with or without surgery vomiting bile is a definate ER visit...
SayNo2Me  (Donna B)
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on 4/26/10 12:42 am
Just wondering why vomitting bile would result in an ER visit. There were many times pre-op I would vomitt bile and never went to the ER. I also had a dumping episode where I vomitted this a sign of something serious?


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on 4/26/10 6:12 am - Virginia Beach, VA
Simply put-you have two stomachs with the RNY. and only one of them has bile. This is not the one that you should be throwing up out of-and if you are-it requires a trip to the emergency room, because something is wrong. Bile is a greenish color, and because is is delived to the bottom stomach in an RNY patient, vomiting bile from the top stomach is very very bad.
Jackie McGee
on 5/9/11 7:41 am - PA
Hon, if you're throwing up actual bile, it means you're having some sort of pyloric sphincter problem because bile is an enzyme that goes directly into your small intestine, about six inches or so after the stomach, so there's no reason why it would be in your stomach on purpose - get to the ER.

Chances are what you think is bile might be mucus from an infection (gastritis, the flu) or stomach acid from an ulcer, things like that.

Since you have a feeding tube, get to the ER and see what's going on so they can fix you up before things get worse.

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on 4/26/10 8:02 am
So bile is not a yellow color? Cause I had the flu last week and threw up a yellow colored nasty substance. It was not green.


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Jackie McGee
on 4/26/10 8:15 am - PA
True honest-to-goodness bile is green or a dark yellow-brown.

A lot of people think that the nasty non-chunky stuff they throw up is bile, but that's a common misconception, although vomit can contain acids that are found in bile, so it can taste kind of the same. Hope that makes sense without actually being bile. Hope that makes sense.

Bile is secreted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder - when I had my gallbladder removed, I had stones that were blocking the (some kind of) duct and I did in fact throw up bile and due to that, I had to have a scope done to break up the stones that were left after the gallbladder removal.

If you throw up to the point that you are actually throwing up bile, something is wrong, and that warrants a visit to your doctor or a trip to the ER to figure out what's wrong.

I've just spent the last ten minutes on Google trying to find a picture of bile and I give up.

It just isn't a good thing to throw up bile. Not sure what else to add.

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on 4/26/10 8:19 am
I will call my sureon when they open! i had my gallbladder out in 2002.


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Jackie McGee
on 4/26/10 8:25 am - PA
Right, but hopefully you still have your liver ;) Definitely call someone.

 Proud mama of Mischa and Gabriel, both born post-op.

on 4/26/10 12:30 pm
Just got home froom the surgeons office and he had me get a upper GI series done and then go to his office he was waiting for me. I was informed that I must have a revision of the RNY they are just going to be removing the ulcerated portion of the stomach and intestines. He said my pouch will be smaller but it will be made of healthy tissue and acoording to him all of my problems will be gone!

He did inform me that bile can back up into the pouch .
Jackie McGee
on 4/26/10 1:40 pm - PA
Only when something nasty is happening ;)

I'm glad they figured it out and I hope you feel better soon.

 Proud mama of Mischa and Gabriel, both born post-op.

on 4/26/10 4:59 pm
Glad hear things are better for you and they are going to fix the problems. I called my surgeon this morning as soon as they opened. I told them about the flu and how I had some yellowish substance come up. They nurse said it is normal to throw up and then there be a small amount of yellowish bile. If you are throwing up more than once, at one time then there could be a problem. But it can happen on seperate occasions and everything is okay. Thank God...ya'll had me freakin out! LOL! Better safe than sorry!


Forever greatful for a second chance!