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How much can you eat after RNY

on 4/30/10 3:57 pm - Fair Play, SC
RNY on 04/26/10 with
I had surgery on monday. I am not feeling hungry at all. I am makeing myself eat. Right now all I am consuming is about half a thing or yogert (i am having soups but around the same amount). HOw much did you eat. How big is the pouch.I dont want to overeat but I want to get my nurishment.
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on 4/30/10 4:04 pm - Glen Burnie, MD
I am post op from 4/19 and my NUT told me to measure everything right now, til my check up. SO I eat 1/4 cup at a time of everything. If it is soup with alot of broth, I try to not really do the broth casue it takes up precious room in there. Hope that helps.

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on 4/30/10 4:06 pm
 I ate 2oz (a medicine cup full) at your stage and I had to take 15mins or so to eat it.
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on 4/30/10 4:12 pm
well, when i was at your stage i was still at full liquids. i couldnt even have yogurt. .. i remember i sipped everything and couldnt get much in at a time. in fact, i had to go back to the hospital cause i got dehydrated.... it was a rough first few weeks for me. NOW, that im about 3 months post op, i can get in about 3/4 cup of food.. or a half of a turkey/cheese sandwitch.
on 4/30/10 5:09 pm
You won't really be hungry in the beginning. You might get head hunger...I did get tha****ching tv and wanting that feeling of *ahhh* eating something yummy. But not true hunger.
I could only have a medicine cup full of protien shake at your stage and the 2 weeks after surgery.
Now, I am 8 months out and can eat 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of food at a time. Sometimes depending on the food (soups, salad mostly) I can eat more. It seems to slide down. But you need to be cautious with these things. They can be empty calories with little protien.

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Shawn K.
on 4/30/10 5:24 pm - The Colony, TX
My NUT gave me a hand out that said, first two weeks of liquids 2-3 oz of liquids.  Then when I move to soft foods, 3-4 oz of food which is weeks 3-6, after that no size requirement, but making sure I get my protien, and not eat empty calories.
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on 4/30/10 5:25 pm - Columbia City, IN
Here is a summary of my plan:

4 weeks following surgery – Full Liquids – 2 oz each meal

Weeks 5-8 following surgery – Puree Foods – 1oz protein, 1oz veg or fruit or complex     starch per meal

Weeks 9-15: 2oz protein plus 1 oz fruit or veg or complex starch per meal

Month 4-6: 2 oz protein plus 2 oz fruit or veg or complex starch per meal

Month 7-9: 3 oz protein plus 2 oz  fruit or veg or complex starch per meal

Month 9-12: 4 oz protein plus 2 oz veg or fruit or complex starch per meal       

Month 12-18: 4 oz protein plus 3 oz fruit or veg or complex starch per meal

Month 18 and Beyond: 4 oz protein plus 4 oz fruit or veg or complex starch


Snacks: Fruit and vegetables as tolerated



  • Peanut Butter
  • Nuts
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Hot Dogs
  • Bratwurst
  • Bologna in any form
  • Braunschweiger
  • Salami
  • Potted meat
  • Spam
  • Vienna Sausage
  • Beef Jerky
  • Breaded and fried foods
  • Fast Food
  • Pork Rinds
  • Potato chips in any form
  • Movie popcorn
  • Snack Crackers
  • Regular Pop
  • Alcohol
  • Starbucks
  • Candy including sugar-free
  • Desserts including sugar-free
  • Ice cream in any form
  • Alfredo sauce
  • Cheese sauce
  • Gravy


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Ann Brighton
on 4/30/10 7:10 pm, edited 4/30/10 7:11 pm - IN
RNY on 01/13/10 with
Wow you are the first person that I've seen that had the exact same food plan as mine -- it's kindof nice to see

Oh I see y you had ur surgery in Carmel as well.  Goofy me!
on 5/1/10 10:20 am - Columbia City, IN
After reading posts on OH RNY board for over I year, I think we were fortunate in our pre op teaching and availability of dieticians post op.  So many others seem to have no idea what to do, how much to eat, etc.

I go to the 3 ring binder often - even at one year post op.

Best wishes.
Highest Weight 255  * Wt loss includes 19 lb lost before surgery

Donna B.
on 4/30/10 7:30 pm - Round Lake, IL
RNY on 05/11/10 with
Penny  -

I like you plan similar to what I put together..  I am going for Protein Protein Protein.
Liquids Is what I was told and also what the NUT gave me in paperwork and the Itiots book I have.
I need to heal so I dont get out of breath  So I will sip sip sip and walk walk walk...

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Dena W.
on 4/30/10 6:15 pm - Tarpon Springs, FL
RNY on 03/12/07 with
I was liquids only the first 2 weeks postop.  And I wasn't hungry for 6 months.  Consider it a blessing at this stage!  Keep sipping, and measure as someone else mentioned.  I was only allowed 2 oz at a time when I did start foods like yogurt, refried beans, cottage cheese, and that was in the 3rd week.  
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on 10/11/12 2:08 pm
I have surgery coming up, but not yet scheduled for RNY.  What clear liquids did you have for the first 2 weeks post op?  I have tried the Isopure and also the whey protein bullets, and they were both very nasty for me.  I can't see myself drinking them.  Do you or anyone else have any suggestions?  Need some help!!
on 4/30/10 6:28 pm - Roseville, CA
RNY on 04/20/10 with

I am a week ahead of you and am on full liquids 4 oz at a time. 60 g of protein a day and 48 oz of water.

Its hard to get it all in! Hang in there!

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Patty B.
on 4/30/10 7:45 pm
I still don't feel hungry but you are in your first week and healing...your biggest thing should be not to get sips sip sip...I also took sugarfree popscicles and broth...not much else but sip water.  Good the way the broth from chicken noodle my husband drained from one can would last 3 meals.  Patty
on 4/30/10 7:47 pm
 I just looked at my book again and as far as the food goes it says 2-3 tbs at each meal, take at least 15 mins to eat and stop if you feel full, but I'm not sure if we even can feel full, based on what I have seen in other posts. I know I didnt hardly eat for 2 weeks or so. I just wanted drinks and I was on full liquids from days 3-14 and then I could have puree after that and I noticed that the menu goes up to approx 4-6 tbs at each meal (3x) a day or you can do smaller meals 2tbs (6x a day). :)
on 4/30/10 8:14 pm - Everett, MA
RNY on 04/26/10 with
i had surgery on monday 4/26 and i am on full liquids for 2 weeks. 8oz protein shake every two hours and crystal light or water every hour in between :)
(deactivated member)
on 4/30/10 10:24 pm
i just had my 2 month post op appt and even to this point they only want me eating 3 meals a day at 2 oz or 1/4 cup of food depending on the substance. you will prob get to a point you dont feel full with that for me it was about the month mark even though you dont feel full you need to stop yourself. its goes away again usually but always remember its on us to eat the right stuff and the right amount.
on 5/1/10 5:22 am
Thanks Penny for the information.  I feel I have been eating too much I will be 5 month out on May 10. I have lost around 80 lb but the last week I seem to be hungry I try to get all my protein in and most of my water. We had a b irthday party last night had pizza chips and icecream cake. I feel so guilty