What to wear to an Elton John concert?? (new pics)

on 4/30/10 6:31 pm, edited 4/30/10 6:46 pm
My wife and I are going to an Elton John concert tonight. I don't know what to wear. I was thinking of maybe blue jeans, a nice tee shirt, and my navy blue blazer.  But I'm open to suggestions.

By the way.. Here are the latest pics of me. My wife took them on our sunset bike ride last night.
Without my surgery, I wouldn't even think of going to a concert, much less ride a bicycle because a 500 pound man with a 72 inch waist wouldn't fit into a theater seat or fit on a bicycle either.
This is such a great feeling!

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on 4/30/10 6:43 pm - Athens, GA
Look how skinny u are now! Congrats! N so glad u are getting to do things u wouldn't have otherwise.




on 4/30/10 7:23 pm
To look at you now, NOONE would ever guess you were ever over weight! You look very fit! Congratulations!!
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on 4/30/10 8:36 pm
Looking great! Love that you are bike riding and going to concerts, living! I say go for the jeans and t-shirt with the blazer that way you can un-layer if you need to. Have fun!
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on 4/30/10 8:46 pm - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
 Wow - look at you!!  I'd say you can wear any darn thing you want............lol.  I'm looking forward to having all those clothing options open up for me too.  My lap band surgery is in two weeks.

Enjoy the concert - I'm sure whatever you decide to wear you will look terrific in.  Congrats on getting the Elton John tickets.  Here in Canada they are like gold when he comes here..........lol

Have fun - and keep on doing what you are doing.

"He is able who thinks he is able." 

You look HOT!  I think your planned outfit is great.  I saw Elton John & Billy Joel in concert and we did jeans and t-shirts.  The blazer will take it up a notch.  Have fun at the concert - he puts on a great show.

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on 4/30/10 9:11 pm
Love the new pics...you look amazing!!

Enjoy the Elton John concert...you can pull off wearing whatever you want because you are skinny now.
on 4/30/10 9:36 pm
LOL, you got options now, you can wear just about anything and still look good.  you are not limited to wearing just what fits anymore...great job
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on 4/30/10 9:37 pm - San Angelo, TX
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Holy smokes, you look great!!  I love your bking jersey too! I'm a new road biker myself.  It is such great exercise.  

I think jeans and a nice shirt are quite appropriate for the concert tonight. Have a great time and enjoy!

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on 4/30/10 11:26 pm - Fargo, ND
WOW Herc!! Your looking so amazing, way to work that tool.

My suggestion would be to wear clothes! Whatever you feel comfy in. There will be so many people there, no one will notice what anyone is wearing. Be comfy and enjoy. Maybe some bling type glasses? lots of jewels? LOL Ok, I will stop now. ENJOY
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