High ALT Levels and Fatty Liver?

on 5/2/10 8:32 am, edited 5/2/10 8:33 am
 I have high ALT levels (46, normal is 5-45 u/l) and an liver ultrasound confirming a fatty liver diagnosis.  

My surgery is in about 5 months.  What can I do to bring down my ALT levels and get rid of the fatty liver forever (besides exercise, which I am already doing)?

Thanks guys!

on 5/2/10 9:30 am
My doctor says that a super low carb diet is what is needed to cure fatty liver. The carbs turn straight to fat evidently.

What did you doctor tell you about this? Good luck with everything. Keep us posted on how you are doing! We are here to give you love and support!


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on 5/2/10 10:00 am - AZ
A VERY low carb diet. It won't happen overnight, but it does get better with a lot of time doing Atkins.
on 5/2/10 1:50 pm - Suffern, NY
Your levels actually isn't that high but you can take something called Milk Thistle, it is good for bringing down liver enzymes.  For the fatty liver, go on a low fat diet to reduce the amount of fat and lower your cholesterol and triglycerides.


on 5/2/10 1:51 pm
The low carb diet is the best way to start.  Eliminating alcohol will also be a good thing.  Sometimes, fatty liver can lead to fibrosis which is not reversible.  I was fortunate that my doctor did a liver biopsy when he did my VSG and I did not have fibrosis.  Very lucky for me as I have been MO to SMO most of my life, thus long term fatty liver.  A friend of mine on this site was not so fortunate.  She has fibrosis.

Ask your surgeon to do a biopsy when he does your surgery so that you will know if you have any permanent damage and can take the necessary steps to protect your liver as best you can.

Well wishes on your liver outcome.
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on 5/30/10 10:36 pm
 The levels you listed as "high" are interesting to me, my ALT test recently said mine is 42 and I was told it is "fine" but I fretted. My HMO, though, is a bit famous for this (we went around it with my thyroid, too) -  now I am wondering what the symptoms of fatty liver are?
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