Does 75 degrees feel freezing cold to you?

on 5/24/10 12:55 pm, edited 5/24/10 12:57 pm
I started losing weight even before my RNY in September and began feeling chilly in air conditioned rooms back then.

Today I made the mistake of wearing short sleeved shirt to work and didn't bring a jacket.  I was practically shivering and the thermostat read 75 degrees. I had to step outside into the 86 degree sunshine to warm up.

Yet I remember when I used to have the opposite problem. When I weighed 500 pounds I would suffer in 86 degree "heat"... And it seemed to get worse if I ate certain foods or drank certain liquids.

Now, I don't remember what those foods or drinks were. 
I wonder if it was "fat".. "carbs" or "protein" rich foods that caused me to warm up.. and can I use that information to "warm up" now if I eat those same foods?
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on 5/24/10 1:10 pm
yes....i'm always cold and i'm over 4 years out.....just take a sweater or something to keep at work at all times....that's what i do...

Ruth Ann 


Mountain Mama
on 5/24/10 1:15 pm - Evansville, IN
I'm the same way.  I used to have to keep the thermostat at the house on 70 - 72 to be comfortable on those 90+ degree days.  Today, it was on 76 and I was quite comfy.  At least it will save money on my cooling bill this Summer. 
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on 5/24/10 1:34 pm - Porterville, CA
I've been cold for years now. Ever since I lost the weight. My doctor says its normal. I wear long johns and try to keep warm in winter, can't seem to do anything some days to keep my feet warm. In the summer I wear 3/4 sleevs with capri pants and do pretty good, but I always carry a sweater. I have to have one to go into the grocery store no matter what season. In winter I sleep with a heating matress pad on the bottom and a heating blanket on top and it keeps me warm. Summers here get pretty hot 105+ but I'm feeling like it is in the 80's, I guess that is a plus. You are doing so well with the weight loss I would just figure out what keeps you warm and go with it. Blessings, Nancy
on 5/24/10 2:27 pm - Suffern, NY
I know many people are cold post op, I am the opposite, I am always warm.  You might want to get your iron, ferritin, CBC, TSH and Total T3 levels checked just as a precaution.  It could be your thyroid or iron levels.  Can't hurt to check it out.


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on 5/24/10 3:40 pm - Santa Cruz, CA
You've lost all your insulation!!

I would keep a sweater at work, and maybe drink something hot when you want to warm your core.

Enjoy one of the benefits of WLS--this summer, when it's 99 degrees F, you'll be cool as a cucumber!
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on 5/24/10 10:30 pm
i am always cold too. i used to always be hot could go out in the winter snow in shorts and be fine. now im the opposite the other day it was 83 degrees out and i was in the house under a blanket. it drives my husband nuts now he would have sweat pouring down and he is a skinny little thing and i am freezing. i even am cold getting out of a tanning bed now its crazy. doc told me same thing its just because i have lost my insulation lol. i suppose its a good thing since we are due to be stationed down south this fall the old me would have died from the heat and never left the air conditioned house now maybe i can enjoy the outdoors again there.
on 5/24/10 10:36 pm - long Island, NY
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I am the same way.  Before I lost weight I had to keep my house at 70degrees.  It funny cause I had to take cold showers because hot or warm showers just made me hotter when I got out and I would start sweating.  Now I am always cold.  Even when it was 85 out side . I had on a sweater but was not hot or cold just comfortable, beat that.  Before I'd be trying to shed all clothing. lol

Nicole Schen-Whit    
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on 5/24/10 11:01 pm - Cypress, CA
I am always cold, and my hubby is the opposite.  I would love to be warm at some point, I feel like I am nuts when I am wearing a sweater and others are in shorts and tank tops.  I am to the point I cant wait for those famous hot flashes!!!! 

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on 5/24/10 11:33 pm - Arlington, TX

I have ALWAYS been a  "hot-natured" person, but since my weight loss with the band and now with my RNY, I am ALWAYS so cold. I have a sweater at my desk at work and a blanket, a sweater in my car! i live in Tx and it gets very hot here in the summers and I still find myself chilly. It really doesn't bother me because I know I am losing my "insulation"!


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