Swimsuit? How to cover thighs?

Angie B.
on 6/10/10 5:29 am - Seaside, OR
   Ok, so I am pretty blessed that my excess skin issues are not going to be too horribly bad.  I will eventually need to have something done in the belly area, but that's fairly easy to cover up until it's time to have it fixed.  It's my thighs I'm not quite sure what to do about.  I'm fine in clothes, but swimsuit season is coming.  I'm in WA state and we're finally supposed to hit 80 degrees this weekend for the first time this year so it hasn't been an issue yet.   I would probably be ok with something that hits mid thigh, although if I could find something that didn't look completely dorky that was a few inches above the knee I'd be even happier.  Has anyone found a style that looks up to date and stylish, but works to cover the thighs?   I know that I can use a sarong or cover up when I'm out of the water, but I would love to find something that works even when I don't have on a cover up.   On the humorous side, the tan lines ought to be hilarious this year.  If I pull the skin tight, I might have zebra stripes.............  (grin)

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on 6/10/10 5:32 am
Lands End Tankini with Swimini skirt! Love Love Love them!

Stylish...sexy ...comfy and lifetime warranty :)

Have fun in the sun!

on 6/10/10 5:41 am
Hi Angie.  I'm in WA too and it's about time we get some sun and heat.  Land's End makes some cute styles that minimize and/or cover thighs.  I know Sears has a Land's End section but am not sure what styles they have there.  You may want to go to their web site.  I spend lots of time in swim suits and I have always had luck with their suits.  Great quality.  Swim shorts would work well in this climate and on our beaches.  Good luck and enjoy the weather this weekend. Elena
on 6/10/10 5:46 am
I got one like this except it's just plain black and that way I can just buy a couple tankini tops to go with it since everything matches the black. I love the little skirt because although I'm not having serious skin issues, I do have some saggy on my inner thighs so this covers it up perfectly and still looks really cute! Do you guys have like TJ Maxx and Ross Stores? I've seen some cute ones on sale there!

Mandyplus2 ..
on 6/10/10 5:47 am, edited 6/10/10 5:48 am - GA
I was also going to recommend Land's End. I have their ruffle swim mini and love it, but the nice thing is that they carry swim minis in several different styles and lengths from which to choose.
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on 6/10/10 6:03 am - OH
I have a swimsuit that has a little skirt.  I've worn that kind of suit for years.  When I was really heavy, I felt better that way.  And now I still do.  I don't think it looks too dorky.

Susan G.
on 6/10/10 6:47 am
I found some things at hydrochic.com
Sue G.            
(deactivated member)
on 6/10/10 6:52 am
DS on 10/19/09 with
I am a fan of board shorts. I prefer the look of those to the swim skirts and they stay put better, I think.
on 6/10/10 7:11 am

I agree with Land's End.  I also found the cutest swim suit at (of all places) Kmart.  It was a swim dress I guess.  It was a 1 piece w/ a skirt that hit just about mid thigh. 

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on 6/10/10 7:19 am - County Line, MI
I too suffer from sharpei thighs, but finally gave up on trying to cover them. Tried all the suits from Land's End, but just don't like the look of the swim skirts, and they don't hide it all anyway. I don't want something that comes to mid-thigh as it just looks so old lady! So I found 2 cute one piece suits at TJ Maxx and just gave up on trying to hide things, other than a cover =up when not sunning or in the water. It is what it is, and I am used to it now. As long as it is tan it doesn't look too bad.

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