Vitamins. Chewable vs. pill form?

Cherish F.
on 7/12/10 1:02 am - Philadelphia, PA
Morning everyone!   There are tons of posts about vitamins, but I haven’t seen this question.

Do we (RNY) need to take chewable vitamins? Like absorption rates or something? Or is this just the majority preference so as not to swallow pills?
I hate chewable vitamins. Doesn’t matter the flavor, size, gummi, chalky, etc. My current bottle of Optisource chewable is about to be done, and I have been thinking about switching to a regimen that includes Centrum Silver. But before I buy the regular pill form want to make sure I am not sabotaging myself.
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on 7/12/10 1:14 am - Owings Mills, MD
RNY on 06/07/10 with
I have the same question. I have been struggling with my chewable BA vitamins and need guidance on switching to a pill form. Hopefully somebody will be able to help us.

on 7/12/10 1:36 am
 Per my surgeon (and I believe this is one of those things that differ depending on program) the only chewable we need is the multivitamin, the rest we can take in pill form (after 2 weeks out).  When asked why always chewable for the multi, they said that the chewable maintains a better folic acid balance than pill form.  The Centrum Silver chewable isn't *that* bad, of those that I've tried, it's probably the best.  

Now I've read on here others that have started the pill form from the start, and have done fine.  I'd suggest calling your surgeon to find out what they recommend.   
on 7/12/10 2:04 am - Sterling, VA

Hi Cherish

You will find that the typical formulation for RNY is a chewable.  Some RNY patients are happy with swallow-able tablets, some prefer is a preference...AND an experience thing...does your surgeon have a recommendation?  She/he knows your personal situation the best.

You can duplicate an RNY chewable formula pretty much in the following way:

-- take two of the regular adult tablets daily--that gets you double pretty much everything that you need except:
-- be sure you get your B12 from sublingual or shots
--Centrum Silver, doesn't have the iron you want, as I recall...

-- you will want to watch Vitamin D in particular...our RNY chewable has triple the D, more than some others, and even that might not be sufficient.

Separately, keep in mind quality when you buy.

Kind regards

UNJURY(R) Protein and OPURITY(tm) Vitamins
on 7/12/10 2:11 am - OH
We absorb pills just fine. 

Just so anyone reading this knows, gummy vites are no good because they are missing a whole bunch of stuff we need.  And if you take Optisource, you need eight a day, not four like the body says, if you had RNY.  Plus you need calcium citrate, iron and B12.  They are not really an all in one vitamin like they say they are.

on 7/12/10 2:30 am
Cherish, good advice from people here. I'd like to add that my doctor will not allow me to take ANY pills whatsoever.  Everything must be chewable, sublingual, etc.  I don't know why buy he's very adamant about it.  I think it may be because of fear of getting stuck.
Anyway, here's what I take for daily vits:
Centrum Chewables- 2 per day
Bariatric Advantage Chewable Calcium Citrate with Vit D- 2 per day (500mg each)
Bariatric Advantage Chewable Iron- 2 per day (29mg each)
Spring Valley Sublingual B-12- 1 per day (500mcg)
Recently added due to Vit D deficency- Vitalady Tender D3-50- 3 times per week (50,000IU)...on this I open the capsule and dump it into a small sip of water.

By the way have you tried Nectar Protein?  Yummy!  I got the Fuzzy Navel and it's soooo good!

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Cherish F.
on 7/12/10 6:23 am - Philadelphia, PA

Thanks for the info on the vitamins Kim. This seems to be the one thing I am having the hardest time gettting my mind around.

I have the Syntrax nectar Caribbean Cooler, which is kind of like pina colada. I don't love it or hate it. Next time I'm going to try Twisted Cherry. If we ever get together we should trade samples of each.

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on 7/13/10 6:48 am
I think sharing samples sounds great.  First we need to get together for that dinner with no liquid 30 mins before or after.  LOL

About the vits- I hope you find something that works for you.  Remember to take iron and calcium separate.  I read a post that said anything over 300mg calcium kills your iron intake unless you wait 2-4 hours.  Also try to split up your multi, i.e. take one in morning and one in evening.  Same with calcium, try to split it up throughout the day.  By the way, calcium needs D to better absorb and iron needs C to better absorb.  The Bariatric Advantage brand already has the vits put together for max absorption.
I try to do the following:
Morning- Multi and B-12
Mid Morning- Calcium
Lunch- Iron
Mid Day or Dinner- Calcium
Bedtime- Multi

I may need to up my calcium to 1500 however so I'll have to add an extra one in there somewhere.

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on 7/12/10 2:46 am - Rome, GA
I personally PREFER chewables, and have stuck  with the BA because of quality, plus I love how they taste.  I take 2 multis, 1 iron (post-men), and 5 calcium citrate (400 x 5 = 2000).  I get the B-12 shots and my blood work is GREAT.



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on 7/12/10 6:44 am - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94
We do not have to use chewable. my dh and I never have.

But it does matter what form something is in, for example vit D has to be D3, not D2. And any vites we take must be dry, as in powder or in caps. Not in oil. If it's oil in a "football", we can't use it.

RNY, distal, 10/5/94 

P.S.  My year + long absence has NOTHING to do with my WLS, or my type of WLS. See my profile.