Cramping after VSG- please help!!

on 7/24/10 10:30 am - Clovis, CA
HI friends,
I got my VSG on 7/21/10 (5 days ago).   My doc only allows water/crystal light and protein shakes for the first two weeks.  After EVERY tiny sip of water, protein, or liquid vicodin, I get an intense cramping in my stomach within 2 minutes, and it lasts for only a few seconds.  None of my WLS friends have experienced this and I'm kinda freaked out.   I do have BM's several times a day- water consistency.
Feedback and prayers appreciated!  Thanks
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on 7/24/10 10:47 am
Call your doctor right away
on 7/24/10 11:10 am - Clovis, CA
on 7/24/10 11:13 am - Durango, CO
VSG on 06/08/10 with
I had some cramping for the first two weeks - it eventually went away.

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on 7/24/10 11:17 am - Clovis, CA
I'm currently waiting for the on-call nurse to contact my surgeon and call me back.  However while waiting, I found this other thread via Google, and it has eased my mind greatly:
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on 7/24/10 11:23 am
I had extreme cramping for the first few days after surgery, but I was still being treated, and so was given fluids via IV to rest the sleeve and allow it to heal, and my nausea to resolve.
on 7/24/10 11:54 am - Clovis, CA
Thanks everyone.  After waiting on hold for 45 min., the RN said the surgeon didn't think it was anything to worry about and would call me tomorrow.
starting 301/ day of surgery 259
sleeve genie
on 7/24/10 12:52 pm - Alhambra, CA
i think you should be fine,  your body is in shock from what it went thru and the bms are common,  i didn't have them but LOTS of people do,  they say liquids in liquids out.  Once you start eating it should resolve itself.  I found i wasn't going and so i started taking some fiber and no more problems.  Good luck to you,  remember,  walk and sip, 
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on 7/24/10 1:11 pm - New York , NY
I'm glad your Dr thinks everything is good. I was miserable after my surgery. I had to stay in the hospital a week because my tummy was swollen shut and I couldn't get fluids down. It gets better trust me. Hang in there!




on 7/25/10 1:57 am - Petersburg, VA
I had cramping for a week and a half or so too, much better now. I think our tummies are adjusting to their new way of life

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