Daily shots in stomach for 2 wks after surgery

on 7/25/10 2:11 pm
Did anyone have their doctor say this was part of the after surgery routine?  I told them "no way" as I have a fear of needles and have never had surgery.  Mine is in 3 weeks.
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Longhorn Girl
on 7/25/10 2:16 pm - Austin, TX
Is it blood thinner? I didn't have to do that, but I have heard that others did.
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on 7/25/10 2:21 pm
They didn't go into further explanation after I greatly protested.  I  noticed your stats and you have done great.  I hope to have the same results, and hoping for no or few complications.  2 wk required liquid diet starts on Wed.  I am ready to get surgery over and life started!
Just Ducky
on 7/25/10 2:23 pm - Belleville, IL
Yes I did that, many of us do. Its a blood thinner (Lovenox) or a heparin. Its done SubQ and doesn't even hurt at all. it prevents Deep Vein Thrombosis which hurts a LOT worse and is deadly.
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I also did Enbrel shots (For an autoimmune disease) for over 10 years. That one "stings" Remember in most shots its NOT the needle that hurts, its the liquid going in. (Some stings, some doesn't).
on 7/25/10 2:26 pm
If you gently place the needle on your skin, you will either notice nothing or a sharp ***** If it hurts, move it just a smidgen. Find the spots that don't hurt and then push in. That's how I gave myself insulin shots prior to going on an insulin pump.


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on 7/25/10 2:28 pm - freeport, TX
I was given the lovenox shots too. I also have a fear of needles and the liquid burned when it went in. So I told them no. They told me about the fear of Deep Vein thrombosis and I stuck to my guns and said no. The nurses were excellent and made sure that I got up and walked, a lot..lol.

I had no troubles without the shot but don't recommend it for everyone. Read up and research the issue. Maybe get a shot or two to see if it's not big deal. Make your own decision.

Good luck!

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on 7/25/10 2:34 pm - Colorado Springs, CO
Yep had to do it before surgery and for 30 days after surgery.  It can be a life saving factor as it helps prevent blood clots after surgery.
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on 7/25/10 2:49 pm - OH
They gave me one in the hospital the day after surgery but I did not have to do them at home.  I'm not sure why blood clots would be a big risk once you go home since you should be up and walking, but if you're doc recommended them, I would do them.

You do realize when you have surgery, you'll get an IV, right?  With a needle?  And after surgery, for the rest of your life, you will have get blood tests done on a regular basis?  With needles?

Emily F.
on 7/25/10 2:50 pm
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I did it to myself for a few days in the hotel and then all the of sudden couldn't do it when I got home. Hubby had to do it. I think I only did it 15 days or something.
on 7/25/10 3:23 pm
RNY on 11/06/09 with
I did it for a month after surgery. Just the thought of it is worse than actually doing it. They taught me how to do it in the hospital. The needles are thinner than insulin needles, so I rarely even felt them.

If you have someone at home to help you, they can teach them how to give the shots for you so you won't have to do it yourself.

on 7/25/10 3:24 pm
REALIZE Band on 02/02/10 with
CVS makes an alcohol swab to wipe your skin that has a numbing med in it.  You can find it in the Diabetes supply section.
Good luck :) 
on 7/25/10 3:25 pm - County Line, MI
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I only had to have them for the 3 days in the hospital. But I'd rather give myself shots than die of a blood clot. Find someone else to give them to you. I had to give them to my mother in law for 2 weeks after hip surgery.

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on 7/25/10 3:43 pm

they wanted me to do it for 3 weeks but my doctor told me it was ok to stop after one week. thank god.

those scared the beejesus out of me. i had bruises all over. i had to have my dad inject me because i could never do it.
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on 7/25/10 3:54 pm - Edgar, WI
Yes I had the shots but mine were put in the top of the leg.  One of the nurses told me that there was less pain if they were put in the stomach but I had already started them in the leg.  I got them twice a day for the 4 days I was in the hospital. 
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on 7/26/10 2:51 pm, edited 7/26/10 2:51 pm - Washington, NC
On July 25, 2010 at 3:54 PM Pacific Time, ekolpack wrote: Yes I had the shots but mine were put in the top of the leg.  One of the nurses told me that there was less pain if they were put in the stomach but I had already started them in the leg.  I got them twice a day for the 4 days I was in the hospital.  Just an FYI for anyone else out there that might need the injections, Lovenox should never be injected anywhere but the belly! Don't let your nurse do it anywhere else, and make sure you do them there at home, too!
on 7/25/10 4:26 pm
Yup. 3 weeks right in the stomach, around the incisions! I'm single so I had to do it myself. I even have a needle phobia (bad), but I wanted to do anything possible to prevent blod clots. It left a lot of bruises and it was WONDERFUL to finish the 3 weeks. I had a friend die of a blod clot in her lung a month ago (from another surgery) and to me, it's just not worth the risk to fight it. Either way, good luck with your surgery!
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on 7/25/10 4:31 pm
P.S. If you decide to do it, the Lovenox hurts a lot less than the Heparin.
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on 7/25/10 4:49 pm
I'll be getting the Lovenox for 1 month twice a day.  While I'm not so keen on giving myself shots, they can be lifesavin.  I'll have to do it myself since my husband wouldn't be able to do that!  Thanks to who suggested the lidocaine alcohol swabs.  We don't have CVS here so I am hoping one of our local pharmacies carries them.
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on 7/25/10 5:13 pm
I got the Lovenox shots in belly fat two weeks post op. It was the least painful part of post op. In fact.. there was no pain.
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Nell R.
on 7/25/10 5:30 pm - Hewitt, TX
I just had my Fragmin prescription filled. I was given a kit that has the alcohol swabs, a container to put the needles in and a dvd to watch that shows how to do them. I think I'll let my husband give me the shots...I rather do the shots than worry with blood clots. My surgery is Tuesday.