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eyesight change after surgery??

on 7/30/10 9:04 am - Columbia, SC
Okay, I know this sounds weird.
My surgery was on the 13th and I've noticed the last week or so that I seem to have a bit of a problem with my eyes focusing when I'm reading.
Could this be a temporary side effect of the surgery or just a coincidence on timing and need to have my eyes checked?
bridget B.
on 7/30/10 9:09 am
Actually, it could be both.  However, if it were me, I'd say it was a result of the surgery and anesthesia.  I'd give it some more time.  Does your vision clear after you blink a few times?  Yes, the eyes can be sensitive to changes...medications/surgery.
Hope this helps
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Kim S.
on 7/30/10 9:44 am - Helena, AL
I had the same thing happen...I also notice now that I've lost weight, on days when I have a headache, my vision is affected....go figure.  I'd wait a few weeks before going to the eye doctor.

Luke's Momma
on 7/30/10 10:15 am - mattoon , IL
I also had problems after surgery with my sight but just one eye. Things seemed to be blurry but I already wear glasses. It took me a while to figure out that it happened after surgery. At 2 1/2 months out it seems to have corrected its self for the most part. I need to go get checked I know that I need bifocals too but with the kids getting ready to start school again some things have to wait their turn.
Emily F.
on 7/30/10 10:29 am
DS on 04/05/10 with
I know by the time I was 3 months out of surgery I was no longer nearsighted. So it could be that your vision is improving bc the swelling in your lenses is decreasing from the reduction of sugar in your system. But it could be temp from the anea. Give it a little while and then have them checked by the doc.
on 7/30/10 10:54 am - Amity, OR
Interesting!  I had my surgery on the 14th and am experiencing blurry vision in one eye.  I know the surgery changed my chemical make up.  Hopefully this will be an improvement in my poor eye sight.

(deactivated member)
on 7/30/10 12:45 pm - Chico, CA
RNY on 02/16/10 with
I went to my eye dr because of this at about four months out and he said it was because of dehydration and so I used prescription drops for a couple of weeks and now my vision is back to normal.
on 7/30/10 2:55 pm - Columbia, SC
Do you know what he prescribed for you?
If it's restasis then I already have that as I already have dry eyes from lasik a few years ago.
I may start giving that a try.

Thanks for the reassurance everyone!
on 7/30/10 3:18 pm - Washington, NC
I had a big change in my sight very soon after surgery. According to my eye Dr, it was due to my diabetes being somewhat out of control before, and dramatically decreasing after surgery. He called it a "retinal shift" and I'm in temporary contacts until it stabilizes.
Sydney B.
on 7/30/10 3:57 pm
Thanks so much for posting about this. I'm almost 3 weeks out and my vision has been blurry the last couple days. I didn't even think it could be related to surgery/diet changes. I remember when I was pregnant my vision changed, too, so definitely chemical changes in your body can effect it. Dunno why I didn't put it together.
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on 7/30/10 8:44 pm - Suffern, NY
Normally when I hear vision changes after RNY I think vitamin A deficiency but I really think you are too soon out for your vitamin A too have gone down that much. I became vitamin A deficient but it was at 3 months, not 3 weeks. I would suggest the next time you are at one of your doctors, you ask to have your vitamin A level checked just to be sure. In the meantime, make sure you are taking your multivitamin 2 times per day and get in all your fluids.  If you have dry eye or allergies, keep your eyes hydrated.