Iron Infusion Treatment?

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on 8/16/10 8:53 am
I'm scheduled to have 10 iron infusion sessions and the first one is this Thursday.  If you  had an iron infusion can you please tell me what to expect afterwards?  I'm looking for the side effects?  Will I be able to drive myself home (each session suppose to me 30 - 45 minutes)?  Will I be okay to return to work the next day (I'm scheduled for 5:15 pm)? 

Thanks in advance for all of your help.

on 8/16/10 9:00 am - Stone Mountain, GA
Dear sherline,

Please let me know what you are going thru -

I had my RNY on June 27, 2008 -

went into the hospital in July 23rd this yr nd the DR said my iron was deatly low and sent me to a cancer specialist - he wants me to do the IRON Iv's, however I am allergic to epinephrin, and he states that they give an injection of epinephrin with the Iron Iv's - so he is worried he can't give me the IV - Now he has me going to an allergist to take me thru multiple levels of epinephrin to see what dosage makes me go into seizures and I am allergic to it - I do that tomorrow on the 17th and go back to follow up Friday with the other Dr.

Good luck with your IV Thursday - I will be praying for you! let me know how you are!

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on 8/16/10 9:10 am
I had my routine blood work in May and it came back with low WBC.  So the doctor wanted me to have my blood drawn again in July and it came back with very low iron and vitamin D levels.  My bariatric surgeon sent me to a specialist and he showed me a chart and stated my iron levels are basically depleted.  He stated I need Iron Infusion treatments starting this week and after two treatments I will have an endoscopy with biopsy to check for a bacteria infection.

I'm always cold even when it's 100 degrees I have a sweater or something on my arms.  I am always tired regardless of how much sleep I get at night.

Good luck with your results and please keep me posted.

on 8/16/10 1:32 pm - Suffern, NY
I had IV iron many years ago due to malabsorbtion of iron for other reasons, not from surgery and I never heard of getting epinephrine.  It turned out I was allergic to the IV iron but I got IV steroids, breathing treatments but no epinephrine.  If you are allergic to something, you can make sure they dont' give it to you.  There are ways around it.  I am sure that is only used if someones heart stops due to the treatment.


Meredith I.
on 8/16/10 9:43 am - New Bern, NC
I had six weeks of iron infusions several months after my RnY.  It didn't take but 15-20 mins each time.  I had no side effects at all.  It didn't hurt a bit.  I was totally okay to drive myself home and I was great the next day.  The facility was beautiful, like a resort spa!  It was designed to give cancer patients chemo treatments, so the facility was built to be as relaxing and beautiful as possible.  Those 15-20 mins each week were the most relaxing and peaceful of my whole week!  I look forward to my NEXT course of iron infusions, if I need them.
Meredith  Music Teacher in New Bern, NC (lost 48 lbs PRE-op!!)

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on 8/16/10 9:52 am
Thank you so much for responding.  I feel much better after hearing from someone who actually had the infusions.  I googled iron infusion side effects and got some pretty scary response.  I'm having my treatments at the doctor's office, but I hope everything goes well.

Thanks again for responding.

on 8/16/10 10:24 am
I only needed one infusion for low ferretin and I had no problems at all.  No problem driving home, no side effects.  Good luck.

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on 8/16/10 1:36 pm - Suffern, NY
I dont' want to scare you but it is possible to be allergic to it.  I had them many years ago and I had to be hospitalized for several days due to difficulty breathing afterwards.  I had to get IV steroids, breathing treatments and several other things I dont' remember. I also had premedications to prevent it but it still happened. My IV's were also much longer - they took 2-3 hours.  I guess that is why you are going for 10 sessions, I only had to go 4 times - thank goodness, I dont' think I could have handles those breathing troubles 10 times.  I am praying that I dont' need them now post op. I am vigilent about taking my iron and so far so good - I take mega doses of carbonyl iron from


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