Weight loss stall during period - How do I jump start it again?

Navada L.
on 8/20/10 12:50 am
I am 2.5 years out of rny. Just lost my 300th lb last week. All of a sudden in july my metabolism kicked into over drive and I lost 42.4 lbs in a month (as of today).  It was enough weight loss that my period was actually 8 days late (yeah no chance of pregnancy - trust me.)  So as soon as the period came on monday the weight loss stalled major.  Less than .2 lbs a day with my normal hour exercise a day.  I am not expecting my weight to continue losing at a rapid level but I am scared it will stop again.  In Feb I completely stopped losing and stalled from Feb - July.  I am 4.8 lbs away from being under 200lbs.  I've never been under 200lbs that I can remember.  If anyone can please help me figure out how to break this stall.

Navytown Mom
on 8/20/10 1:31 am
First, Congrat's on your success! That is amazing! As for jump starting your loss again....have you tried mixing up your carb levels and your protein levels? For example when I have a stall and I have been keeping my carbs down low...then I eat more carbs for 2 days or so and it sometimes will jump start my loss again. If you have eaten more carbs lately then cut back and up your protein levels. Just an option that helps me sometimes.

Congrats to you again...you are inspiring.
on 8/20/10 1:34 am - Fremont, MI
You need to trick your body. Increase your calories for a few days to show it you are not starving it. Then decrease the calories again. Or change around your routine of what you eat daily. Have breakfast for lunch, lunch for breakfast etc or change the time of day that you eat.
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Susan S.
on 8/20/10 2:26 am - Roselle, NJ
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I find a 42 pound loss in one month a cause for concern.....so if you continued to lose at that rate I would say get to a doctor.   Even .2 lbs a day every day is a great deal - so I'm not sure you can classify your expeirence as a stall at all!!!  You say your period started on Monday and you haven't lost by Friday....not a major stall!!!!  I gain 3 pounds with every period...it comes back off.....I do nothing but stick to the plan. Your body is undergoing enormous stress with this much weight lost....so be kind to it and while I understand wanting to see under 200.......don't do anything extreme to make it happen faster.  You are doing exceptionally well......but it is so important to stay in balance and allow the body time to adjust and readjust as needed.
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