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blemishes or infected stretch marks?

Dreena G.
on 9/3/10 1:05 pm - Canada
Did anyone out there ever get blemishes or infections in your stretch marks?

I know this is a weird question, but I have some VERY deep and awful stretchmarks on my tummy that are almost translucent.  It's like they are barely even skin.  I hope that doesn't sound too graphic or weird.

Every once in awhile I get a blemish or infected spot almost like a pimple in a stretchmark and it hurts, I've had to drain them myself because they don't heal like a blemish on the face would.

I am not diabetic or anything so I'm not sure why it happens or if anyone else has ever gone through this.

Wearing pants right now is a screaming pain.  I'm walking around like I have appendicitis for crying out loud!

Danae T.
on 9/3/10 1:46 pm
VSG on 10/25/10 with
I get those too. For me, it's like soap gets stuck in the pores around the hair follicle, I think because the skin is so thin. I just pop them, making sure to get the hair out, and it goes away really quick.

Good luck!!
Dreena G.
on 9/3/10 3:30 pm - Canada
Thanks for your reply Danae :)
on 9/4/10 7:41 am - Fremont, MI
I used to get them a lot. 2 yrs post op not so much anymore. They are ingrown hairs. The heat would make them worse. I would get them literally everywhere.
Barb RNY August 4, 2008