Does anyone regret having gastric bypass surgery

on 9/10/10 1:05 am
My good friend just mentioned to me that she knows 3 people who had gastric bypass surgery and they can not hold food down, they have to be fed by a  feeding machine. Is anyone having this issue.
on 9/10/10 2:28 am

Maybe they are following the program and eating too much and then they throw up.  I love my surgery didn't have one problem.  I only throw up when I don't chew my food up well and it gets stuck.  But that' me that the surgery.  You friend my be embellishing those stories.  I have never heard 3 people from one source and a feeding tube.  crazy.

on 9/10/10 2:42 am
Thank you for your response.
So Blessed!
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Come on, tell us what you really mean...
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on 9/10/10 2:43 am
I am 3 months out from RNY, and have lost 80 pounds!  I love my RNY, and eat just about anything but sugar and carbs from white flour and potatoes and rice until I reach my goal.  I have thrown up 3 times, but that was my fault for not chewing well enough. I am very happy that I had the surgery, it has saved my life.  maria
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I had the sleeve surgery and zero regrets. 

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on 9/10/10 2:51 am

Can I ask you why you decided to go with the sleeve and not the gastic or lap band?

on 9/10/10 3:40 am
Don't forget the DS. =)

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Well the question in your subject line differs a bit from what you're asking in your original post.  If you want to know of people *****gret having gastric bypass, go to the Revisions board.  You will have plenty to read there.  I'll leave it at that.,messageboard/board_id, 5360/

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