effectiveness of Trader Joe's sublingual B12

bridget B.
on 9/13/10 1:27 pm
Trader Joe's has a SL B12 that is 1000mcg per little red tab.  I've noticed that I starting having tingling in my feet so I switched back to what I was using (which I know works)...so I was wondering...How has Trader Joe's B12 measued up to your standards/lab results??

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Susan S.
on 9/13/10 1:42 pm - Roselle, NJ
RNY on 02/06/07 with
 Trader Joe's is likely produced by the same manufacturer as many other labels...and simply has their label placed on it.    How do you 'know' your previous brand works.....it looks like you're a preop.....so malabsorption isn't an issue for you yet....I had tingling etc. in my feet because of diabetic neuropathy pre WLS.......and unfortunately - even though my diabetes resolved - the neuropathy never completely went away.    A careful supplementation of B Vitamins and fat soluble vitamins is the plan......btw...I take 5000mcg twice a day and have never tested deficient in b12.    Some postops have a very hard time carryig B12 and have to resort to injections.  Susan
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bridget B.
on 9/13/10 1:53 pm
Hi Susan:
Yes, I'm preop and have a date...Oct 4th! YAY!  But, back to the subject....
I've lacked the instrinsic factor for some time now.  I went on my levels based on labs.  I was doing fair with the injections of b12 then switched to a liquid concentrate which worked well for me once again, according to my labs.  I have lately switched to the sl tabs from Trader Joes and have been having some neuropathic pains (but I'm not diabetic)...so I have gone back to the liquid concentrate that I love so much!  I was just wondering about other peoples experience with the trader joe brand (Which I'm sure is mass produced like you said).........

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mini_me_ now
on 9/13/10 2:00 pm
 well i have used it since my surgery and my labs come back showing high b12 so it works for me.
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on 9/13/10 11:36 pm - Columbia, SC
How much of it do you use? I've only been taking one tab about 3 times a week. Lately my finger tips have begun tingling so I'm wondering if I'm taking enough.
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