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HELP!! Labs are in. Microalbumin high

Celia C.
on 9/15/10 3:48 pm
I've never even heard of microalbumin before, but I had to do my first lab work and the results are in. This is what they show:
I'm no expert, but those numbers don't look so hot.  Can anyone tell me what they mean?
on 9/15/10 9:33 pm - Rockledge, FL
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 I AM NOT A DOCTOR nor is this medical advice .... (ok prefaced that)
Those are usually used to monitor kidney function.. Do you happen to know what your BUN was?

Celia C.
on 9/16/10 5:31 am
I don't know what the BUN is.  I don't see that on my labs.  :(
Andrea U.
on 9/15/10 10:49 pm - Wilson, NC
Well, this means you are spilling protein in your urine.

It should be noted that ketogenic diets (high protein, low carb) can lead to microalbuminuria in certain cases.

What did your doc say?

Celia C.
on 9/16/10 5:34 am
Well doctor hasn't called me yet.  These labs were just done yesterday.  Since I can go online and see results, that's why I know what they are.  I'm sure the doctor is waiting for the other results to come in before he calls me.  These are the first labs they do pre-op.  Everything else looks fine.  My AST and ALT are just a little over.
It does make sense about the protein diet.  They have been telling us in class that we needed to increase our proteina nd decrease our carbs to lose weight.  So I'm not as worried anymore.  But I'll still be expecting a call from my doctor to make sure.  Thanks!  :)
on 9/16/10 2:46 pm - Suffern, NY
Was this from a 24 hour urine?  These tests are showing you have too much protein in your urine.  If this is from a 24 hour urine, then you need to see a urologist and see why you have so much protein.  I always have small amounts of protein in my urinalysis but when I did the 24 hours urine, it was all normal.  Definitely talk to your doctor, but you might want to follow up with a urologist to be sure.  How were your BUN and creatinine on your bloodwork?