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on 9/27/10 12:31 pm
I had gastric bypass surgery 6 years ago and lost most of my weight.  About 2 years ago I almost died from the surgery as scar tissue formed around my small intestines and blocked all food going through.  My small intestine almost burst this was misdiagnosed for a year.  I am happy to be alive but since then I have gained ALL my weight back!  Please, please, please think twice before doing this as there is NO guarantee ( although they say there is) that you will not gain back ALL your weight, cause I did!!  If I had the choice to do it again, I wouldn't!   Because I have different insurance, they won't even help me anymore.  Also, I am at risk again with the scar tissue wrapping itself around an intestine again!  Please find another way to lose that isn't  FATAL!!!!!  Has anyone else who has had this surgery every gained ALL their weight 100 lbs. back?  Thanks and I hope to hear from you,,,very sad and disappointed!!!!
on 9/27/10 2:04 pm, edited 9/27/10 2:05 pm
I'm sorry about what you've gone through, but it really isn't right to post that it doesn't work. For so many people it does. There is no guarantee with any surgery that you won't gain your weight back, including with DS. You can outeat any surgery, and there are possible complications with any of them, even life-threatening complications. However, people can and do die every day from complications associated with morbid obesity (stroke, heart attack, etc.), so that's not the answer either.

I'm so sorry you had this terrible complication. It does sound as if part of your issue was poor medical care in that your complication was misdiagnosed for such a long period and your physicians weren't competent to diagnose what was wrong. That doesn't necessarily happen to everyone. I'm confused though. If you had scar tissue blocking all food going through, how did you gain 100 pounds?

Also, you had surgery 6 years ago - and this is your only post?
on 9/27/10 2:18 pm - Granada Hills, CA
Is it really necessary to be that mean?
on 9/27/10 4:40 pm
On September 27, 2010 at 2:18 PM Pacific Time, acbbrown wrote:
Is it really necessary to be that mean?
In what way is the OP being "mean"? She's just sharing her experience.
Generic User_Name
on 9/27/10 4:47 pm
on 9/27/10 6:04 pm - New York City, NY
DS on 03/10/09 with
I'm blocked too and I've never once interacted with that woman.  Does she just block all DS'ers? Dumb *****

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Generic User_Name
on 9/27/10 6:09 pm
on 9/27/10 8:11 pm - New York City, NY
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LOL.  I guess I kicked another one of her animals, then.

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on 9/27/10 10:58 pm
I appear to be blocked too, and I don't even think I've ever talked to her in a thread. So yeah, she probably just saw me as a DSer and blocked me. Lol.... pathetic.

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on 12/3/10 3:28 am - Mexico
Revision on 12/06/06 with
On September 27, 2010 at 2:18 PM Pacific Time, acbbrown wrote:
Is it really necessary to be that mean?
I didn't see a mean word in her post.  A little over reacting?

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on 9/27/10 2:14 pm - OH
Someone gave you a guarantee that you would never gain weight back?  I am so sorry to hear this.  No one guaranteed that and in fact my surgeon made sure I understood that weight regain was possible.

However, gastric bypass surgery does work for many people. 

on 9/27/10 2:21 pm - AL
Any surgery to your intestines can have fatal complications. We all know that going in.

The RnY has weight re-gain in a certain percentage of patients. That is well known too.

You are responsible for doing your own homework and not just expecting your doctor's to do it for you. But I am very sorry your surgeon/doctor's did not educate you before you had your surgery. Did you not have to meet with a psych to make sure you understood all the risks as well?

Are you interested in another surgical option or are you (understandably) against having another weight loss surgery?

on 9/27/10 2:28 pm - Seattle, WA
First, it is unusual for me to reply to a post without a picture, but your heading struck me so I am breaking my own rule here.

I don't agree with you that GBS does not work.  It works for a lot of people including myself.  From what you have said here it doesn't appear to be so much that GBS doesn't work as it is you had poor medical treatment by doctors not completely inclined to figure out what was wrong with you.  I would suspect that if they had discovered the intestinal problem right away they could have saved you a lot of grief.  Again, it doesn't sound as if GBS had anything to do with your intestinal issues other than you had the surgery and were doing fine until a complication developed that went untreated for one year.  You are right, you are lucky at this point, to be alive.

I am confused here where you state, "
About 2 years ago I almost died from the surgery as scar tissue formed around my small intestines and blocked all food going through.  My small intestine almost burst this was misdiagnosed for a year.  I am happy to be alive but since then I have gained ALL my weight back!"   I don't understand how you gained all your weigh back if your intestines were blocking all food going through?  Another question I have how were you managing to eat enough to gain all the weight loss after 6 years of successful eating?  I am simply trying to understand what happened to you.


on 9/27/10 2:30 pm - Chantilly, VA
RNY on 11/29/05 with
I am sorry you've had such a difficult time but to say that it doesn't work for anyone or that it is FATAL, is extremely misleading and exaggerated.  I am 5 years post op and have kept the weight off and continue to do very well.  It takes discipline and hard work but gastric bypass surgery was the best decision I ever made.  It changed my life; all for the better. 

I hope you can overcome some of your physical issues and regain your footing.  This surgery is not for everyone but it is miraculous for many.
on 9/27/10 2:34 pm - Corpus Christi, TX
RNY on 02/01/10 with
Yup! I agree with the other posters. There are no guarantees in life other than death and taxes. Extremely sorry for your complications but you will better serve(help) others by talking all about your process. You(we) are ultimately responsible for our own continuing health care no matter what insurance you have. Get with your new primary care doc who can refer you to a stomach doc that can help you with the problem. Don't just give up and blame the surgery. Who is to say that you would not have a slue of fatal health problems now if you had not had the surgery. We all know that we can gain weight back. We are professionals at gaining weight! You just signed up for this site to make this post? I say you keep posting and gain back the control of your health.
(deactivated member)
on 9/27/10 3:02 pm
 TROLL ALERT!!! Go sell bull**** somewhere else.
Jackie McGee
on 9/27/10 3:33 pm - PA
Well, it's obvious that your surgeon and your surgeon's team blew rainbows, puppy dogs and lemon scented farts up your butt because they all lied to you, filled you with false hope and set you up for failure. Sorry about your luck.

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Bette B.
on 9/27/10 7:57 pm
"Lemon scented farts"?


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Jackie McGee
on 9/27/10 8:16 pm - PA
That's what huffing Pledge will get you!

 Proud mama of Mischa and Gabriel, both born post-op.

on 9/27/10 3:44 pm - Canada
 So if one person gains their weight back, you conclude that the surgery doesn't work?