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Bariatric Food Journal - any "hard copy" versions available for purchase?

on 9/27/10 7:49 pm - Buffalo, NY
I know this question was asked last year on the forum but I am wondering if anyone knows of any "hard copy" (ie. actual book, not computer document or website) bariatric food journals available for purchase. 

I have found a printable pdf document that I could print:

And I do know about the online websites (ie., but if I wanted to get a book that I could write in and carry with me, any ideas?
on 9/27/10 8:12 pm - CA
It's not a book but bariatric barbie uses an app in her phone. Just sayin...I know it's not a book but...thought I'd throw that out there.


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Patrece S.
on 9/27/10 10:45 pm - CO
I offer a journal. Send me your name and addy in a PM and I will send you the first copy complimentary. It is a 30 day journal and very thorough. If you like it, you can purchase future copies very reasonably.

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on 9/28/10 5:34 am - Buffalo, NY
Cool, will do! Is there a website for these journals? Do you make them yourself?
Patrece S.
on 9/28/10 7:11 am - CO
I had them printed. I offer them to clients i work with (I am a bariatric success coach) I offer the journal free one time in print to my clients, then for purchase laetr if they want another. I also have a PDF of the journal, so if you want more copies without paying, you can go to the pdf copy and print it out for yourself.

Pm your info and I'll mail you one free. Not a problem! Glad to help.

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 Lost 114 lbs. working on getting rid of a recent 10 lb regain...and WILL succeed! 

on 3/12/13 4:48 pm
on 10/9/14 3:57 pm - Maple VAlley, WA

can you send me a copy of your journal?

Michelle Dodds

Maple Valley, WA

on 9/27/10 11:08 pm - Manistee, MI
RNY on 04/01/08 with

This journal is perfect and fits right in my purse. I use the food and fitness one. You won't be disappointed in it.
            Michol  Dragonfly                          
on 9/28/10 5:32 am - Buffalo, NY
Love the tip - thanks so much! :)
on 9/28/10 5:10 am - Jersey Shore, PA
Why would you want to pay for something extra???  Use the free online sites.  You obviously have Internet access.  Either plan ahead and enter things that morning and/or just write things down on a piece of paper.  This isn't that complicated a thing to do. 

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on 9/28/10 5:31 am - Buffalo, NY
I posted this specifically asking if anybody knew where you could purchase such a tool, not asking for opinions or to be treated in a condescending fashion. Why post if you are going to talk-down to somebody?
Jackie McGee
on 9/28/10 5:39 am - PA
Some people actually like real books - you know, books that are portable and can go with you to work, on vacation, in the car, etc.

OP, it's back to school time(ish)! There are probably some cute notebooks and folder type things (do they still call those trapper keepers? I'm so old!) - I think it would be fun to just have a cute notebook like that and maybe find something online and model your notebook after that. I'm assuming you want to track calories, protein, what you eat, etc.?

I can't think of any online sites off the top of my head, but check out the WETEO and Daily Accountability threads for ideas - and I know some of those guys use sites so you can ask them what site they recommend to "copy".

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on 9/28/10 6:02 am
Hi, you also may ask your bariatric coordinator about the journal that is available through covidien. It is awesome and has everything you need for journaling. Mona

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on 4/29/13 4:52 pm     I saw this advertised on another site.  I haven't used it, but it might be worth checking into.  it is around $15 I think.



on 9/28/10 10:07 am - Chandler, AZ
RNY on 12/16/09 with
I got one on amazon, I am using diet minder personal food and fitness journal, they also have a WLS version but I like this one ALOT also DietWrite is good but  the diet minder has everything we need LOVE IT!!
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