tongue is stuck to roof of mouth in the mornings

on 9/29/10 10:24 pm - Natick, MA
RNY on 09/13/10 with
I have noticed that since surgery my mouth gets really dry during the night, so much so that my tongue is literally stuck to the roof of my mouth. I notice it every time I wake up through the night and of course in the morning. I do keep water next to my bed to sip on but am wondering if this will eventually go away.



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on 9/29/10 10:27 pm
DS on 10/19/09 with
 Meg, is there any white coating or white patches on your tongue? If so, you might have thrush, which is a common complication immediately after surgery. Contact your surgeon in that case. 

If not, you may just be really dehydrated. I know it's hard to get in enough fluids early on, but see if you can bump up your intake a bit. 

on 9/30/10 5:54 am - Natick, MA
RNY on 09/13/10 with
There is no coating or white patches on my tongue. This only happens while sleeping, I will try to up the fluids to see if that helps.

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on 9/29/10 11:16 pm - Midwest City, OK
Do you use a CPAP.  When I had my WLS my tongue had black on it.  My mouth still gets really dry at night from my CPAP but I suck on a sugar free drop and that helps.
on 9/29/10 11:35 pm - Davidson, NC
 What Jenna said :)

And from my own personal experience, I also had extremely dry mouth at night after surgery.  I was really dehydrated and had to go in for a couple bags of fluids.  Drink up!  ~GG


steve D.
on 9/30/10 4:54 am - West Fargo, ND

If you do use a CPAP it could be that.  It would indicate the pressure is set too high. 

on 9/30/10 5:51 am - Natick, MA
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Can I reset myself or do I need to call resp therapy? I have auto set spirit cpap.

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steve D.
on 9/30/10 6:26 am - West Fargo, ND

It takes a prescription to change the settings.  That does not necessarily mean you need another sleep study.  Some machines or more accurately, some companies can provide you a machine that will test what pressure you should be at.  Then they can call the doc and get the script to change the setting. 

Also, as you lose weight, you may find you do not need your CPAP.  But, you will want to go through a sleep study to find that out.  Good Luck!!

Whacka Doodle
on 9/30/10 6:34 am
 Meg, you just need to drink a lot more fluids.

Remember, sip...sip...sip...sip...sip....

If your mouth is dry in the AM, you are probably dehydrated unless you are breathing through your mouth..

Miss Redd
on 9/30/10 6:47 am - Lancashire, United Kingdom
Dehydrated for sure. I had a couple of days recently where I didn't get enough fluids in and OMG-LOL! My mouth was totally the Sahara in the morning-YUCK!!

They have Biotene' mouth spray/rinse which is great for keeping your mouth moist as well as getting in LOTS of fluids!!

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