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Blood sugar level 79-too low?

Paula R.
on 11/6/10 1:26 pm
Can anyone tell me if this is too low?  As a diabetic a good number for me was 110.  I have been very tired today.  When I checked my sugar this am it was 78, and now after drinking and eating my 2 tbls of cottage cheese for breakfast and 2 tbls of egg salad for lunch it is still only 79. 
I have never had a number like this before and just wondering if there is something I should be concerned about.
thanks for your help
HW - 319/SW - 277/CW - 266/GW - 177          
on 11/6/10 1:42 pm - Raleigh, NC
 Normal blood sugar range is 80-120mg/dl. If you are a diabetic I am sure your body has lived at least a little high for a while so your body will take time to readjust to a normal low.

Wish you luck


(deactivated member)
on 11/6/10 1:53 pm
Paula,  I am a diabetic and my number is always in the 70s now.  My surgeon said that was great and I'm off all diabetes meds.

(Audra - you and I had the same surgeon!)

Paula - enjoy your small meals.  It does get better!
Paula R.
on 11/6/10 2:42 pm
Thanks, I was just shocked to see such a low number that I panicked a bit. Just another good thing that comes from this surgery.
Jackie McGee
on 11/6/10 4:22 pm - PA
79 is right about where you want to be. I believe normal range is 80 to 100. 110 for a diabetic is decent, too, but lower than that is ideal.

I'd maybe drink a protein shake mixed with skim milk for some calories and energy. Hope you feel better.

 Proud mama of Mischa and Gabriel, both born post-op.