I Have a Bad Tooth and my surgery is Nov 16th

on 11/7/10 4:19 am
I have a tooth that has just became infected on Fri nite my face is swollen where the tooth is i am thinking of getting it pulled out tomorrow its a big one n the back of my mouth but i know there was a list of meds you cant take the week before surgery do any of you remember wat meds u cant take.  I started amoxiclian on Fri.  I am hoping to get it out tomorrow and it be fine by the following Tues advice please!!!!!
Emily F.
on 11/7/10 4:21 am
For your safety, I doubt they will do surgery if you still have infection. I'm not sure how they will check that. Definitely call your surgeon's office and explain the problem to your dentist. Hopefully you can work out a solution. Good luck.
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on 11/7/10 4:33 am - County Line, MI
I think it will be OK, but run it by your surgeon's office tomorrow.

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on 11/7/10 4:52 am
Most dentists won't pull a tooth while the infection is "hot"---they want you to take a round of antibiotics first. Same thing with having surgery---you need to get the infection cleared up FIRST.

Call your surgeon and your dentist first thing tomorrow. I'm betting they're going to want you to stay on the antibiotics. You should be fine to have surgery on the 16th, but you may need to wait until after that to get the tooth out.
on 11/7/10 5:25 am - Augusta, GA
Antibiotics are fine, and you have to get rid of that infection before they will operate on you anyways. You should have enough time, depending on when your pre-op is scheduled (they will test your blood and any sign of an infection will raise a red flag). Just don't take any NSAIDS (like advil or aleve) for pain. Tylenol is okay.

Good luck!


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on 11/7/10 7:33 am
I am sure you are going to call your dentist first thing in the morning and hopefully he will be able to fit you in that day. See what he says about your tooth and then call your surgeons office, sometimes things arn't infected when we think they are.  Good luck.
on 11/7/10 11:13 am - Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
I manage a dental clinic and the responses above are correct. If you have enough infection where there is swelling in your face you definitely need to be on antibiotics ASAP. The source of the infection is the tooth itself so once it is gone continue with a full course of antibiotics (probably 7 to 10 days) If you get the tooth extracted immediately and have no post extraction complication your surgery should be fine. Our dental clinic specializes in treating people with low immunity levels so if we would okay your surgery probably your surgeon will to. Make sure you speak to your WLS surgeon. I hope all goes well and remember to try and be careful not to take to many pain meds because they often do have a side effect of blood thinning.
on 11/7/10 12:12 pm
Oh, that stinks! Do whatever your surgeon feels is safest for you. A couple more weeks (if it comes to that) won't be a big deal!


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on 11/8/10 6:44 am
went to denist today!!  They r pulling my tooth in the A.M, and I started Amoxil on Friday so its already been in my system for 4 days talked to my surgeon they said to just make sure the infection is gone by Thursday:))  So everything is looking good and swelling is going down!!  Thanks everyone for your advice!!