Home w oxygen following surgery?

on 11/27/10 4:12 am
I had surgery on Monday, Nov 22 and am doing great.  I came home on Wednesday but had to come home on full oxygen.  Anyone else have this?  How long might I have to do this?  Apparently when I get up, my Oxygen level was dropping, but they didn't tell me for how long or what to do? I am doing breathing exercises regularly, but find myself still being short of breath and taking shallow breaths...
Thanks so much!
on 11/27/10 4:16 am - OH
I didn't, no.  If they didn't tell you for how long or what to do, by all means, call and ask!

Kathleen W.
on 11/27/10 4:38 am - Lancaster, PA

Are you in touch with a pulminologist?  They're the doctors that specialize with breathing and could guide better than any body. You are lucky that you are doing so well.  I had severe complications that required me to be on oxygen for 24/7.  Thank God, I have a pulminary doctor that was able to get off oxygen tanks for good.

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on 11/27/10 4:50 am
 No, I had the company who provides my cpap come and set me up with oxygen but didn't know who to ask about this. Do I wait for my follow up with surgeon? How long did it take you to come off it. and I am on 24/7.
Kathleen W.
on 11/27/10 5:04 am - Lancaster, PA
I had severe complications due to my surgery.  A few day after the bypass,  I wound up back in the hospital with pancreatitus and my my intestines seperated from my stomach.  When I first got back into the hospital,  I collapsed and they had to do an emergency trachiotomy on me.  I was placed on life support. I spent the next 6 months in the hospital due to different complications.  After that, I was transferred to  a nursing home for rehab where I had to  learn how to walk and breath on my own.  I was there for 4 months.  The pulminologist and the respitory therapists worked like hell to wean me off oxygen.  After 10 months of hell, I was off the oxygen and am down to just my cpap.  In January, I get to go back to my doctor so he can do another sleep study.  If it works out,  I wouldn't need that any more.
As I mentioned before, talk to your pulminologist.  They're the ones with the expertise on how to handle oxygen

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on 11/27/10 8:27 am
 OMG that is awful, the worst story I have heard. How are you now? I am sooo sorry for you.
I cannot imagine these types of horrific complications. (If I'd read your story, I may not have gone through with this).  What caused all of this? 

on 11/27/10 9:09 am - Mexico
Seriously? You came home on O2 without even asking how long you would need to use this?

Call them and ask.

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Mountain Mama
on 11/27/10 10:50 am - Evansville, IN
I agree with everyone else.  You need to call and ask and see what it would take for you to be taken off the oxygen.

My pulmonologist put me ON oxygen 10 days before my surgery because my COPD was so bad he was afraid I wouldn't be able to be weened off the ventilator post op.  Everything went fine as far as that goes, but it took 6 months of pulmonary rehab (medically monitored cardio workouts) before he was convinced that I no longer needed the oxygen 24/7.  I'm surprised that they don't have you on that type of program to get you weened off the oxygen.
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Dave Chambers
on 11/27/10 12:56 pm - Mira Loma, CA
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Not the norm at all. I'd ask your surgeon how long you have to use it. AND, I'd ask about how you can use the incentive spirometer, that breathing exercise device most patients receive on discharge from the hospital. Using this spiromenter minimizes pneumonia, and helps you get your lungs working properly again.  DAVE

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on 11/27/10 2:00 pm
Hi Heather!
I hope you feel better soon!      Connie
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