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on 1/9/11 10:59 am - Columbus, OH
I've been recently told I have E. Pylori bacteria in the lining of my stomach.  Furthermore, they now tell me I can not go forward with the surgery until this has been eradicated.  The problem is that the traditional treatment modality seems to be the use of a combination of different antibiotics along w/prevacid.  I'm now on my 2nd round of this treatment due to the first round not being effective.  It seems I have at minimum developed a resistence to antibiotics ----was recently on/off different ones for another infection that never was cleared by them and ultimately had to resort to surgery to fix the problem.  So, clearly, I'm very much distraught at this time because I've been told surgery will not be done until this is cleared-up.  Does anyone have any information on this bacteria and the effects it has w/by-pass surgery?  Also, am looking for any information on effective alternative healing treatments for E. Pylori. 
Brenda C.
on 1/9/11 11:41 am
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Unless I am incorrect, I think it is H Pylori.  Maybe discuss with your surgeon any antibiotics you may have been on within the last couple of years... Our bodies are tricky, and the "bugs" learn how to work around antibiotics.

As for putting you in a holding pattern, it is for YOUR safety.  I went through it, not as bad (one round did the trick) as you are going through, but it was a "Better safe than sorry" moment.  I did a LOT of reading on the Internet, and hate to admit, I was impressed by the little bugger - Helicobacter pylori - as it can take carbon dioxide and acid, turn it neutral, and happily live in your stomach lining until diagnosed.

Hard question - did you take your meds completely as advised?  Talk to your doctors office, they should be happy to discuss this with you, and put your mind at ease.  They are NOT punishing you - so remember not to get too upset.

Hang in there!
Brenda  : )~
on 1/9/11 12:07 pm - Columbus, OH
Brenda, You are correct, it is H. Pylori (brain on over-load from all the research I've been doing on this). I'm trying not to freak and keep it all in prospective. However, to complicate it more, the doctor that diagnosed me ---associated with the program my surgeon is a part of, has never sat-down with me to discuss this. I have been left phone messages by her and her Physian's Assistant. They call-in the orders for the prescriptions, and then the orders for the lab tests. And then more prescriptions when the tests are still positive. I've already made decision to change surgeons. But again, I'm still left with this bug I have to get rid of. I do plan to talk more with my primary doctor, as well as discuss possible specialist. I'm just wanting to explore all options, including alternative/holistic options as well. Thank you for your response.
on 11/19/15 10:32 am

Thank you so much for the information!  I received a call from my gastric doctor's office this morning and was informed I have this bacteria.  I asked what it was and couldn't get an answer but was told to keep taking the medication the doctor prescribed...UHHHH, he didn't prescribe any medication!  The office hung up before I had a chance to tell them that fact!  Now that I have some idea of what the bacteria is I can try to get better help for it.  Thank you for your clarification!

on 1/9/11 2:10 pm - Fridley, MN
I've read broccoli helps deter h pylori, but I'm not sure how much you'd have to eat.  Is there a different protocol your doctor could put you on?  Are you able to see a different doctor about this? 
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on 5/14/13 9:42 am, edited 5/14/13 9:42 am - vancouver, Canada

I have had stomach / gastro intestinal attacks and general symtoms of bloating, gas, indigestion, acid reflux, flatulence for a number of months.

At first they thought gall bladder.

Finally my doctor told me to purchase a product from Finlandia (health food store) called Tuzen that has 10 billion live lactobacillus plantarum a probiotic strain which is resistant to gastric acis to ensure optimal activity in the intestines.  I took the capsule with dinner last night, and woke up this morning for the first time in months and months with NO BLOAT, NO discomfort, feeling half my size through the middle, able to wear my bra without feeling strangled, and even the swelling in my face had gone down.

I have taken 2 more capsules with meals today and feel no gastro intestinal discomfort.  No burping, no gas, no bloating, no diahrrea, no constipation, no nausea or vomiting.

I am hoping that my internal flora just needed readjusting and realigning and thus I can avoid specialist appts, another colonoscopy, or anything else scary and get back to work.

I am very hopeful.  Try Tuzen - it works 100% for me.  The doctor took a blood test to determine if e-pylori is a factor and I will find out in a day or two and get back to this forum with results.

on 1/9/11 5:01 pm - Garland, TX

  You might talk to your doctor (or better yet a good pharmacist) about whether the antibiotic Flagyl might work to kill of the e. pylori.  It is used to kill off the "bad" digestive tract  bacteria whenever there is not enough "friendly" bacteria in your tract to keep the baddies in check, which, btw, often happens after our DS surgery   ..  It works particularly well on those strains even when other antibiotics do not   

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