taking supplements (right) after surgery

on 1/9/11 12:40 pm
In my packet (from my doctor's office), it says you can start taking them once you get off clear liquids. When I had my (****ty, neglectful) nurse at the hospital ask him over the phone before my discharge specifically when I should start them, she claimed he said I could wait 2 weeks.

I am leaning towards starting them tonight/tomorrow since I'm starting full liquids now.

When did everyone else start?

Also, how hard was it to get your monster-sized chewables down at first?




on 1/9/11 1:00 pm - Canada
I was told by my NUT to start trying to take them asap after surgery but make sure that I was talking all of them by 2 weeks post-op. Hope that helped.
on 1/9/11 2:20 pm
I was told by my Nut to wait 2 weeks to start them and to seperate the time you take it. I'm on a pre-natal vitamin and I found it hard on my new sleeve so I started taking it at bed time and it seems to be better on my tummy, I guess cause I'm sleeping and not noticing. My liquid calcium is gross so sometime I forget to take it but i take my D in the morning and evening.

Good Luck they are a little hard to get down at first but it gets better.


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on 1/9/11 3:17 pm
I was told not to start taking them til my two week checkup so that is what i did.
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on 1/9/11 7:32 pm - OH
I started the day after surgery, when I left the hospital.

The ASMBS says to start the multi the day you come home and the iron.  They say you can wait up to 30 days to start calcium and up to three months to start  B12.  Not that you must wait, just that you can.

It was not hard to get them down at all.

on 1/9/11 8:59 pm - MA
I start all my vitamins 2 weeks post-op, after my appointment with my dietician.  (I have the 1-week follow up with the Physician's assistant, 2-week with the dietician).  Just follow the instructions in the paperwork your doctor gave you... I am trying to rely very little on verbal instructions I was given in the hospital, and double checking everything in the packet of info I have.  I think some doctors start the multi right away, others as yours does when going off clear liquids, and some at 2 weeks.  
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on 1/9/11 9:46 pm

I started taking my vitamins immediately after surgery.

Sip a little bit of water to help wash down the chewable multivitamins.  Centrum Chewables aren't that big.  Whenever I use a chewable, that's the brand I buy.

I bought a pill crusher for my calcium citrate only because it was uncomfortable for me to swallow at first.  I only used it for a few weeks. 

on 1/10/11 1:09 am
 I was told to start multivitamins and calcium before surgery. So I purchased the berry flavored crystal multivitamins with calcium, berry flavored chewable iron and b12 that melts under your tongue.  I was told to start the B12 to help reduce hair loss after surgery. I put the crystals in my protein shakes and my crystal lite drinks. I do this twice per day. I purchased them from BariatricAdvantage.com that my doctor sells in the office. The B12 you can get from Walmart for about $4-5.
on 1/10/11 7:32 am - Western 'Burbs Chgo, IL
My doctor's protocol is to be on a vitamin regime even before surgery. I was on my multi, B-complex and Cal Citrate 3 months before surgery. When I was PO and still in the hospital I was on liquid or chewables of the above. Follow your doctor/NUT's protocol.

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