The next best "fix" besides surgery for hanging tummy?

on 1/23/11 9:52 pm

Greetings Oh wise ones,
By the time I've lost all my weight I know I'll have a big hanging tummy. I don't think I'll be able to afford surgery to remove it so what's the next best way of disguising it?Thanks
Tammy H.
on 1/23/11 10:20 pm - Greenville, OH
I told my sister that I might have to stuff my bras to make it look like I have super sized triple HHH boobies, then people would look at them and not my tummy hanging down...HAHA!!! All kidding aside, perhaps wear longer tops/shirts to cover the tummy...I wear these panties that is made out of spandex type stretchy material which helps some...I get them at Walmart.

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on 1/23/11 10:33 pm - Guelph, Canada
 you can get supportive undergarments to hold everything in... 

Spanx is one name but I am sure there are others. 
on 1/23/11 10:38 pm - Mexico
If I wear super tight jeans it's smooths everything out. If I wear loose jeans it is... not pretty. It's probably not noticeable to anyone but me but I like the smaller, tighter jeans better with a tank top.

Also, baby doll shirts are great. A push up bra, low cut baby doll shirt and I guaranDAMNtee you men will stare at your chest and they won't even know you have anything above or below that.


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on 1/23/11 11:33 pm - Harpers Ferry, WV
try a girdle DURING your weight loss phase, it may help minimize your belly hang. I use the one for post pregnancy reshape

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Mary Catherine
on 1/24/11 2:17 am
For years, I have worn fajas.  They are a rubber garment from South America.  They will do a lot more than a traditional girdle.  The rubber compression makes you look great while you are wearing it, but it also compresses the body and you appear thinner for quite a while after you take it off.  Think about wearing a tight rubber band around your wrist and how it will still have a compressed look for hours after you remove the rubber band.

I prefer a faja with arm straps and cotton lining.  You can wear it most of the day and even while sleeping.  It will continuously compress your waist and stomach and you will look better every day.  Every few months, I would have to order smaller size fajas, even before weight loss surgery.  That is because constant wearing would compress my waist and stomach and I would need a tighter garment to get more compression.  

After about two years of wearing Squeem my stomach measurement went from 47 down to 37 with no weight change.  The improvement in your appearance starts the minute you put one on.

Fajas without arm straps tend to roll down.  Fajas without cotton lining were not comfortable to me.  For people in the United States, the best ones are available from Squeem.  There are several sources on the internet to order them.  Here is one link: ja-firm-compression-26j-p-749.html

on 1/25/11 3:00 am - Harpers Ferry, WV
I checked these out last night, I'm going to get one. I also saw that they had a version of the undies I use, for a third of the price! Might invest in one of theirs too since my old ones are getting quite large
on 1/24/11 2:35 am
Don't give up on insurance paying to at least have the panni (the apron of skin that hangs) removed. I had mine removed in 2003, after my first WLS. My upper belly is still a mess but it looks ok under the belly button. Document any rashes or problems you might have. See your doctor and get skin cream and have him document it. That should show medical necessity.
on 1/24/11 4:01 am
Duct tape. It even comes in a flesh tone now. (*grin*)
on 1/24/11 12:37 pm - Mesa, AZ
I have hard time wearing any of the above.  Anything tight on my tummy does ok then I eat and I get food stuck.... I found a undershirt at walmart that smoothies the  bump but I just try to buy clothes that are not to tight to show off my muffin top...but glad it a top and not the whole muffin anymore  :)