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What size do you wear, and what do you weigh???

on 2/5/11 5:34 pm
VSG on 08/09/10 with
...Only on OH could a person ask that question, LOL! 

So here's a topic for discussion.  This whole size thing has me completely confounded.  Today I went out and bought two dress slacks for work in size 16, and they fit perfectly.  Me???  Size 16???  I feel like I should be wearing a 20 at 186 lbs, at least.  And yet others have posted that they wear a 16 while in their 200's, and others are at higher sizes at about my weight.  Recently I read a post where a woman and her BFF both wear a size 6.  One weighs 125, one weighs 165, and they attribute the difference to muscle, because the heavier one is a dedicated exerciser.  They didn't mention any height difference, although I imagine that can make a big difference too.

So what's up with clothing sizes vs. weight?  Anybody care to "weigh" in? LOL!

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Lori P.
on 2/5/11 5:45 pm, edited 2/5/11 5:45 pm - Kenosha, WI
RNY on 05/24/10 with
Clothing sizes can be vastly different from brand to brand...add to that the trend toward "vanity sizing" and you get many ranges of clothing sizes that just make no sense.

To answer your quesitons....

I weigh 122 and am 5ft 1 in...
I wear a medium top and size 2 jeans.  I had real issues with dress pants sizing...the 2's fell off my butt and most places that carry misses sizes don't tend to make them any smaller.. though I don't know why because I am not overly I had to go to the Jr department and ended up with a size 5 there.   35 years ago when I was this small....I wore a 7 junior.   Sizing is wacky.


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on 2/5/11 5:46 pm
RNY on 05/05/10 with
I think it depends on how you are built and your height. I am 5'2" I weigh 194lbs and I am in a 12-14 and anywhere from a small to a large in a top. The top kills me, I have smalls, mediums and larges in my closet.
RNY 5/5/10
Dr. Brian Gluck
on 2/5/11 5:51 pm, edited 2/5/11 5:52 pm
Funny you should post this. I was just thrift store shopping and picked up 2 pairs of jeans for $3.50. I didn't try them on. I figured if they didn't fit it was not big deal. The first pair was a size 8/9. I just last week got into a pair of 7/8s so I thought they might fit. I went to put them on and my daughter said "Those are way too small for you." I couldn't get them up my legs. The second pair was a size 8 and they were a little tight but they fit.
I am 5'3" and weigh 143 lbs.
I remember before I had kids I was 135 lbs and wore a size 3. After my son was born and I finally got back to 135 I tried on a pair of my jeans and couldn't get them up. I wore a size 6 or 8 then and that was in 1985.
As far as tops go, that is depressing.  I am still wearing XL because of my boobs.

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Lady Lithia
on 2/5/11 6:00 pm, edited 2/5/11 6:01 pm
I am 5'4" tall

I weigh 146 lbs

I fit in a snug 8, or a loose 10.

I was in 12s and 14s when I was 155 to 165 lbs, and 14/16 between 185 down to 165

I'm also anywhere from a 4/6 top to a large. The extra skin on my arms (batwings) makes it so that any top with very slim arms is too small.... mostly I wear medium tops.

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on 2/5/11 6:00 pm - Cleveland, OH
In the last 10-20 years clothing manufacturers have changed their sizing drastically. I'm 5'9" and right now I weigh in at 211. I went to Ashley Stewart's and bought a pair of straight leg skinny jeans, size 14W. Wanted a pair of straight bootcut, had to get a 14W. Stopped in at JCPenney for a pair of dress pants, Worthington brand they were a size 16W that was slightly big on me, but a 14W I couldn't button and zip, but they fit beautifully every where else! If a skirt or pr pants fit my hips, butt, thighs and legs, then they don't fit around my stomach! So I'm doing more core exercises trying to get this stomach in line!!!

on 2/6/11 6:27 am
Hi Zaftig - wish I was 5'9'!  Your post interested me. Can you share your "stomach exercises"?  I'm experiencing the same issues you talk about- my legs and butt swimming in pants that fit around my stomach.

(deactivated member)
on 2/5/11 6:04 pm
DS on 10/19/09 with
 I'm 5'6" and my normal weight is 154. I wear a size medium top and a size 8 pants, skirt or dress. 

When I was 186 I think I was in a 14, FWIW. 
on 2/5/11 6:14 pm - amherst, NY
Adjustable Gastric Band on 03/03/08
sizes can vary so much and even store to store. i wear a size 10p pants and as far as tops it can range from a med to xl
on 2/5/11 6:17 pm - amherst, NY
Adjustable Gastric Band on 03/03/08
oops...forgot to say i weigh 148 lbs
on 2/5/11 6:24 pm - Oakley, CA

At 330+ I was in a size 28 jeans and 3XL shirt.

Now, at 270 I am in a 22 jeans (boarder line 20) and in an XXL shirt or, an XL in stretchy shirts

I have a 42DD bust that is NOT going away so far since the surgery so I might always been in the XL shirts even when I am in the teens in the pants dept?

on 2/6/11 2:43 pm
At 320, I was in 28 pants and 3xl or 26 shirts.  I'm 5'7".

At 260, I'm in 24 pants and 2xl or 22 shirts.  I'm a pear, so I'm always bigger on bottom.  My pants are always too loose in the waist or too tight in the thighs.

I started as a 42DD and am now in 40DDs or 38DDs.  I tried a 40D and it was too small.  Wouldn't mind some reduction in the chest department, but so far they seem to be the same size, just slightly "deflated".  LOL.


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NoMore B.
on 2/5/11 6:33 pm
 I'm 5'6" and weight 154.  I wear size 8 jeans.

In losing down from almost 300 pounds, here is the approximate weight I was wearing each size:

Size 10 - 160's
Size 12 - 170's
Size 14 - 180's
Size 16 - 190-200
Size 16W - 220
Size 18W - 240
Size 20W - 260
Size 22W - 280
Size 24W - 300

Fit is different though, based on manufacturer.  My son's girlfriend also wears a size 8, but she shops at younger stores like Abercrombie - her 8's are too small for me and I think I outweigh her by at least 15 pounds.

Also vanity sizing impacts things.  If you're shopping at a thrift store and purchase something made a few years back it will run small compared to today's sizing.  
on 2/5/11 6:34 pm - Haverhill, MA
Before WLS, I weighed 300 pounds and was barely fitting in a size 24.  2 years post-WLS, I weigh 180 and am wearing a Medium top and size 8 pants.  Not too shabby.  I'm 5'9".
on 2/5/11 6:38 pm - OR
I'm 5'2 and when I weighed 180ish I was in the same size pant as you. Now, I'm 126-128 and wear anywhere from a tight size 2 to a loose size 6. I did wear one of my old size 8's around the house the other day but they were obviously to big. I'm a pretty solid size 4 for the most part. Size S for shirts, very seldom a size M and that's just because I want some shirts a little looser. LOL.

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on 2/5/11 6:48 pm - North Richland Hills, TX
VSG on 02/08/10 with

This is about the only time in my life when I gladly share my status!!

Sizing is definately crazy!! I'm 5'5, 136 lbs & size 6 jeans/small tops (I have NO boobs left!!).


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Still Fawn
on 2/5/11 6:50 pm, edited 2/5/11 6:52 pm - SIERRA MADRE, CA
I am 5'5, currently 132.3 and I fit into a size "0" yesterday from Abercrombie.. and a size 27 from True Religion. Vanity sizing is ridiculously out of hand obviously. So is the disparity between sizes. I also fit into a size 3, 4, 6, and 7 respectively from other brands.... Also, preop at 230ish I was a size 24 in most places...

ETA: it is easier to compare with measurements, lol, so here goes:

waist 26
hips: 34
bra: 32B/C

 I am still loving life with my sleeve! Been maintaining at or below goal for over 4 years!
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on 2/5/11 6:59 pm - Surrey, Canada
As everyone else says, it the make of the clothing and how it fits.
Right now I'm 161 and a size 10/12 for pants and large or xl for shirts.
Still so surreal!


Tammy H.
on 2/5/11 7:08 pm - Greenville, OH
I am 5'3...I started out weighing 440 pounds and wore size 5 & 6 X in tops and bottoms...It was hard finding clothes that big to fit me...I now weigh 240 pounds and wear size 20/22 in pants...Same goes for the tops.

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Terry B.
on 2/10/11 1:00 pm - Martinsville, IN
Hi Jack, hey Tammy how was the dance.?  Did you go already!??


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