Hair color after surgery.

Heather B.
on 2/7/11 3:46 pm
How long out of surgery did anyone put color in their hair? I am almost a year post op and am dying to get some highlights in it....
Dawnie 88
on 2/7/11 3:48 pm
VSG on 04/16/10 with
I've been coloring my hair since 3 months problems for me.


Amy R.
on 2/7/11 3:54 pm
RNY on 12/09/08 with
I colored my hair 3 weeks post-op and had no problems.

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on 2/7/11 4:17 pm
no one told me I couldn't color my hair...I had it done 8 weeks out of post op
Kathleen W.
on 2/7/11 4:42 pm - Lancaster, PA
Use your own descreation on how you are feeling and getting around.
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Cindy L.
on 2/7/11 4:56 pm
I'm 8 mos out and have dyed my hair 3 times since surgery with no problems. Go for it!!
on 2/7/11 7:18 pm
not to be rude but why would you think coloring your hair would be harmful after surgery? I know we lose hair but thats due to the anesthesia?  But coloring?  I did mine a week after surgery.  I would think one has nothing to do with the other?
Heather B.
on 2/8/11 5:15 pm
Thats just what my Dr had said, not to put any kind of chemicals for 18 months post op? So thats why I was questioning it...
on 2/8/11 5:45 pm
Oh that makes sense why you would ask however I did my hair shortly afterwards and no issue there.
Jessica W.
on 2/7/11 7:39 pm
I just dyed my hair last week at 7 weeks post-op. I was worried too at first because I thought "what if dyeing my hair would make it more fragile?" So far, so good. I mean I pretty much needed it lol and there wasn't much patience for me to wait any longer.
on 2/8/11 1:28 am - Austin, TX
I colored my hair the week before surgery and did it again within a month or 6 weeks after surgery. Never stopped. Now I will tell you that my hair has always been thin so color is what gives it any body at all.  And my hair did start falling out about 4 months after surgery.  I have since started putting generic rogaine on it and it's starting to thicken up - but you have to be religious about using it daily. Don't waste your money on the foam - just the liquid will work fine.   I was using it a year before surgery and everyone could tell a difference and then I got lazy and stopped before surgery.  So color and generic rogaine (I get mine at Costco for $20) are the secret! LOL
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on 2/8/11 4:18 am
Hi there!

I waited about 5 weeks to color the tresses.  

My hair loss didn't come until 8 months out of surgery.  It abated when I got more protein in, and took biotin

There are three things you will NEVER find me without; hair color, lipstick and eye liner.  I guess we all have our priorities. 

Take care, and good luck!
on 2/8/11 5:54 am
 I have been coloring my hair, putting extensions in, taking them out, wearing long, short, medium any length or color since for as long as I can remember ... I did not wait any amount of time ...  I guess it depends on the person, the condition/type/grade of hair .. I have no idea ... I never heard of a specific timeframe for coloring hair post op ...  I hope you find answers that can help you with this ... I know your hair is going to look AWESOME with your color and your highlights when you get it ...

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on 2/8/11 8:29 am
DS on 08/20/12
I got my hair dyed and highlighted yesterday, four weeks post op. And I must say, I look fabulous .lol 

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on 7/14/13 11:40 am - AL

Hi, I was really wondering can I dye my hair the day before surgery? I have surgery tomorrow and really need to do it today if it is ok. Someone please let me know. Thanks!

Citizen (USA & Brit)

on 7/14/13 2:51 pm, edited 7/14/13 2:51 pm - Castle Rock, CO

You can dye your hair today or any other day after - you might want to give tomorrow a miss kiss but there is no need to let yourself go LOL!

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on 7/14/13 4:04 pm - AL

Thank you for the answer, I know we dont need to let ourselves go and I really needed that color put on, lol!

Heather B.
on 2/8/11 6:38 pm
Thanks everyone! I scheduled a long overdue hair appt for Saturday!