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Gladiator protein powder from smoothie king

on 2/15/11 9:19 am - Westlake, LA
I have been getting my protein powder from smoothie king. It was made by them with bariatric patients in mind. It has 45g protein per the 2 scoop serving, no sugar and like 2 carbs. I was told that unless we are lifting weights and trying to bulk up that we only absorb approx 30 g of protien, so I only use 1 scoop. If you live near a smoothie king(go to to find one) you can taste it in a smoothie before buying it.
I make my protein smoothies with 1/2 c unsweetened frozen strawberries, 1/2 **** vanilla flavor, artificial sweetner and water. Blend these together very well. I then add the protein and blend only until just mixed in. These smoothies are wonderful. I actually enjoy and look forward to my protein drinks every day.
I hope this helps those that are still trying to find a protein powder that they can drink. I tried so many before I found the gladiator and most just made me gag!!
$33 per tub and you get a free smoothie when you go in and purchase the tub of protein.
on 2/15/11 1:02 pm - DivaTown, NC
I have some packs I brought, gonna give it a try today since u mentioned it.  I have samples of other proteins but they to make me gag, I sure hope gladiator taste good. I have Choc & Strawberry..