TLC 600 Pound Mom

on 2/20/11 5:18 pm - Detroit, MI

Airs tonight on TLC (February 20) at 9:00 PM ET/PT, 8:00 PM CT

Taken from Dominique is imprisoned within her house by morbid obesity leaving her 6 daughters worried for her life. Their only hope is weight-loss surgery, but to qualify, Dominique will have to shed 112lbs. Can she lose the weight to help save her life?

Figured Id let anyone know in case they didn't see the commercial.

on 2/20/11 6:36 pm - Houston, TX
I hadn't seen a commercial. I'm interested to see how this will turn out. Thanks

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Tracy C.
on 2/20/11 7:27 pm - Canada
  I know it is hard but that woman did not want to change her situation. I get that she is addicted to food etc, but all the cheating etc was making me angry. I also was getting pissed off everytime they said she wanted the wls," a quick fix" ?????? WTF do they mean a quick fix, they said it about 5 times and my blood pressure was going up each time. Oh well if she wants surgery she will do what she needs to do I guess. I felt for her daughters but couldn't understand WHY they kept coming into her room with fried everything and cookies and eating them in front of her. Just my 2 cents on the show.
Tracy C
Kathleen W.
on 2/21/11 5:55 am - Lancaster, PA
I saw most of the show last night.  And I had to turn it off because I had a visceral reaction to it.  On one hand,  my heart went out to her for her struggles.  On the other hand,  I was extremely angry. Then  I realize she hadn't hit bottom yet.  SHE DIDN'T WANT TO BE HELPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How many of us had a doctor come to our home to check out our physical condition.  Did  anybody ever deliver diet meals to our door to help us lose weight?  No body in my house would bring me fat laden, greasy foods while I lay in bed  doing nothing.  My husband would tell me to get off my lazy ass and do it myself.  If I wanted something that we didn't have,  I'd have to drive to where ever to get myself.  And my family sure as hell wouldn't eat all that crap in front of me.  I'm sorry for the rant.  At least with the show "Heavy" on A&E,  those people want to be helped (even though I have major disagreements with that show also)
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Dawnie 88
on 2/21/11 6:02 am
VSG on 04/16/10 with
All I kept hearing was this lady saying she just really wanted the WLS..and I kept thinking.."Doesn't she realize that their are rules to follow AFTER WLS also"..and she can't even control herself now to try and help herself get out of her current situation.

I felt so bad for the daughters having to do so much for their mom for so long.

I sure hope that eventually this mom lost the weight to get surgery and hopefully get better, but I have my doubts.


Heather :o)
on 2/21/11 6:09 am
I could not believe when she "cheated" by taking 5 appetite suppresants instead of the prescribed two. I thought the next scene would be them at her wake bc she died from a massive heart attack from OD'ing on diet pills.

This woman should NOT have WLS, she has already shown she is non-compliant, does not follow MD orders regarding prescription medications, and is not taking it serious.
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Dixie Darlin'
on 2/21/11 6:57 am
I agree with  most everything that you all have said.  I feel for the daughters.    If Dominique would have been able to have them removed, she would have to go to a nursing home.  That might motivate her- and help her "hit bottom".

Does anyone know Dr. Hernandez?   Does he have a good rep?

TV networks compete for viewers and ratings.  They continue to seek out the weirdest and strangest people.  It is no different than the freak show at a carnival or circus of years past.  Here today and gone tomorrow.

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on 2/21/11 7:19 am
DS on 08/20/12
I wanted to watch and missed it. Hopefully I will catch it when it re-airs. from all of your post it sounds as if she thinks the surgery will magically solve her weight loss problems and she won't have to do any work herself. As all of us on here know that isn't the case. That's why all of us had to go through the mental evaluations, etc. I doubt any psych Dr. would relase her for surgery with that attitude.

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on 2/21/11 8:50 am
this woman is a con artist...

485-Pound Miami Woman Stranded in Haiti Headed Home

Dominique Lanoise was reunited with her family after 6 months stranded on an island

Updated 11:06 AM EST, Fri, Jun 11, 2010

Dixie Darlin'
on 2/21/11 10:25 am
I don't know if she is a con or not, but she has suffered tragedies, and has probably use them to promote herself.    I don't know how she could have been in Haiti to aid her ailing mother.  She can't help herself.  I am trying to post a link to the story. aitian-Woman-Headed-Home-96084489.html

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on 2/21/11 5:09 pm
Last night on the show they said that she doesn't have a TV because she can't face the reality in the real world.  Check out her facebook Dominique Lanoise.  She lists all her favorite shows!!  She either conned TLC or they are trying to con us.  She made it to Haiti on a private flight, but neglected to plan on how she was going to get home.  Supposedly all of her family died in Haiti, then the Doninican Republic brought her back to the US after her 5 yr old died in Miami?  There is no record of the death?  When she saw all the attention she was getting, she decided to gain another 100 pounds.  I think the children at home under the age of 18 need to be taken from her, she is a neglectful and abusing her children...and are going to need help getting over what she has done to them.
Dixie Darlin'
on 2/21/11 5:52 pm
Ironic- most tv doesn't depict the reality of the real world!  I'll look her up on facebook.  If what you say is correct she is a con!  But TLC sees her as controversial and  a good side show.  I agree about her children.  Didn't she have only one under 18?  But I bet they are all profiting from the show.  One of them could sure dance and she got to promote that. 

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on 2/21/11 6:20 pm
I just think it's so sad that there are so many people that really need help.  I feel she was just wasting the time of the professionals that were trying to help her. 
on 5/11/11 6:39 am - OH
hello my name is elizabeth i saw your program before my surgery may 5 2011.yes just out but i had you on my mind and would like to help you with you jounery to your new life though weight loss and even  give insite to other programs that can help.i join but never had time to give my jounrey but will name there is bless my sister
on 2/5/12 11:55 pm
 M sorry first her daughters are to blame in giving her that fried food. Second she lies about how much she eats to the doctor.  She shouldnt have any drinks or junk food near her. She didnt want to eat the food the doctor sent. She held out when her daughters didnt feed her so she ate all 3 meals at once. She took 5 suppressing pills at once. She wined and screamed at her daughters telling them they disrespect her when she doesnt get her way. If she said to me i was a bad child after all that help. All the children should leave and let her fend for herself. She calls the cops because she didnt get her 20 course meal. Ungrateful orca! I got so angry and said much worse things watching this episode. She wants to lose weight but has a 3 liter soda next to the bed. Again her daughters are more to blame. Its like the kids bringing cocaine or meth to a junkie who cant leave the house and the junkie wants to get clean. 
on 12/9/12 4:57 am - CA

My heart and prayers go out to this woman and her children. I myself come from a home in which my mom has struggled with a weight problem since a child. I asked my mother about her weight before and she use to tell me stories of how, my grandmother would make them eat everything on their plate. Since children were starving all over the world. My mom has tried numerous weight programs. She had gained so much weight after having myself and two other siblings, surgery was not an option till she lost the weight. She didn't loose enough to qualify. My mom was diagnosed with Severe Septic Shock in December 2010 and was in the hospital till she passed in July 2011. Since my mom who was overweight with diabetes, high blood pressure and on dialysis all those things worked against her. As she laid in that bed we all made arrangements to help her loose the weight once and for all. I kept thinking why now when tragedy has stuck, why were we not concerned before. My dad whom she lived with basically gave my mom food she wanted that was unhealthy, I am assuming because he didn't want to hear her mouth. I just wished we could have done more to support her. We just wanted to see her happy not knowing we were killing her at the same time. It's scary when your realize food can be just as deadly as any other drug.

on 1/1/13 5:22 am - Hephzibah, GA
My heart bleed for her!... I hate that she lost this battle!...Rip Dominique Lanoise
on 2/21/11 9:58 am, edited 2/21/11 9:59 am - Fredericksburg, VA
I attempted to watch it twice over the course of 20 minutes and eventually got tired of the Mom's whining and not wanting to take any responsibility for her own actions. I also concur with everything else that everyone posted here.