Miralax VS Colace

on 2/24/11 12:11 am - Canada
For those of you that use this stuff...

I have been using liquid colace, 3 full droppers, 2x a day. I want to switch to Miralax. I am unsure how much Miralax I should take. If I take less than 6 dropper full a day I have issues, some days I use more. This is starting to get expensive, I am going through a little bottle every 4 days. I want to make sure that I take enough of the Miralax,  or not take too much.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A dream come true!

Ann Brighton
on 2/24/11 12:47 am - IN
I don't know what the equivalent would be but I take Miralax (well the Kroger equivalent GentleLax and I'm sure there is a Walmart equivalent) and I take a capful every day in my hot tea.  It works well for me but everyone is different.

Good luck.
on 2/24/11 12:56 am - Canada
The stuff that I got is a powder.
on 2/24/11 1:01 am - los osos, CA
Revision on 07/15/14
it is a powder, and it's a big cap  -  you just put a cap full in your water, not taste, no nothing - i have colitis, and when i have a really hard time my dr. told me to double it. but don't do that unless your dr. tells you too! try it for about a week, see how it goes.

hope that helped!
on 2/24/11 1:07 am
I take the regular dose marked on the cup.
I use it daily.

(I switched to the Sams brand a while back. Cheaper.)
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on 2/24/11 1:10 am - Canada
Is it better to take it in the evening or the morning?
on 2/24/11 2:26 am - Beaverton, OR
I've had to take both, daily, for over 5 years now.  One scoop of the generic miralax mixed in my water bottle with a little bit of crystal lite.  I take one colace pill in am and one in pm.  In the beginning, I needed like 2 colace am and pm.  I don't think timing is an issue with the miralax, since it's not a stimulant - BUT if I don't do it daily, I'm in trouble pretty quick. I had a bowel obstruction recently, following surgery - just because I stopped this routine while in the hospital.

HTH, Anne
on 2/24/11 6:22 am - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94
They're not an "or". Not the same thing. Like asking should I buy gas or oil for my car. Both important, but they have different actions.

I use 4 colace + 1 capful Miralax and the rest is magnesium oxide. Next day, hot beverage is the first thing in the plumbing in the morning

RNY, distal, 10/5/94 

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on 2/24/11 6:48 am - Belleville, IL
Exactly what Vitalady said! It's like comparing apples and oranges...Colace is a stool softner (in case your stool is hard and particularly painful) and Miralax (which is safe for daily use for a long time) is both a mild softner and stimulant (Safe for people with digestive surgery such as WLS paitients).

I use 1-2 colce daily (to keep things soft) and I am 98% good...Once in awhile if I haven't gone in a few days I use 1-2 doses of Miralax (it is NOT harsh, so don;t worry about it being like the old "Ex-Lax"). If you don't dump prune juice (or diluted prune juice) every few days can help and in an emergency you can use MoM (Milk Of Magnesia) which usually resolves things in 4-10 hours.

If you have taken Colace, Miralax and MoM and nothing is "moving" within 10-12 hours call your Bariatric Surgeon ASAP.
Good luck and hope you feel better!
PS: The Miralax (or Generic Equivelant) has a "measuring cup" on the inside of the cap...Just measure what it tells you too...Usually a full capful. Again, it is NOT "harsh" and you can mix it with ANY liquid, hot, cold or room temp and it has NO taste or smell or color! Yeah!
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