Loose Skin !?!?!?!?!

on 3/16/11 11:23 am - San Antonio, TX

So, I'm super excited about WLS. From my research, I know it will be hard, but I'm hoping it will be worth the struggles. A big concern I have is excess skin. I'm currently 34 and most of my "fat" is pretty well distributed through out my whole body. My question, what should I expect in regards to loose skin? Since I'm fairly young, should most of it event "snap" back, or should I expect to have a lot of excess skin sagging every where?

Elizabeth N.
on 3/16/11 11:33 am - Burlington County, NJ
Age and scarring (stretch marks) are two contributing factors to bounceback or lack thereof. There seem to be genetic components as well.

However, remember this: Health is a lot more important than looks. This is about saving your life, not about getting Hollywood hawt.
on 3/16/11 11:39 am - TX
RNY on 01/15/10 with
First of all Congrats on your choice to have WLS !

Everyone is different but for me I was over weight everywhere so I have extra skin on my thighs, hips, tummy and upper arms AKA angle wings.
Some people do toneing workouts and it does help I am doing them and I see some diference but I am still going to have a body lift. Also it is always a good idea to keep your skin moisturized.... I use lotion 2 times a day, bu****ch out for moist areas like under the tummy skin... I use powder to help stop rashes... it can happen and if I do I was told by Dr to use a anti-fungul cream.

Good luck and Congrats!
on 3/16/11 11:45 am
The answer to your question depends on a number of factors.  They are genetics, age, amount of weight that you lose, how long you have been overweight, etc.

I have lost half of my original weight (120 from 240) and have alot of excess skin, primarily my arms and thighs.  But then again I am 60 and was overweight my entire life.  Many others I have met who are much younger (in their 30s) have lost alot more and have very little excess skin.  I attribute that to age.

There is probably no way to tell in advance but you definitely have age on your side.  Plus the way I am looking at it is that extra skin will not kill me but morbid obesity would surely have.

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Vivian Prouty
on 3/16/11 11:56 am - Fort Worth, TX
 Welcome to OH and congrats on your decision to have WLS.   I agree with everyone else.   Although being young your skin ( If you exercise your butt off during your WL ) will more and likely snap back unless you have been MO your entire life.    It is amazing how our bodies react.    Please don't worry about the skin....it may all tighten up.    Good luck to you and your journey....it is a AMAZING one !!!

Hugs and blessings ~~~ Vivian

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on 3/16/11 12:58 pm - LA
I am going to have surgery in late June.  I was wondering the same thing.....I look at some peoples before and after pictures and some are amazing but you never know how many had plastic surgery also.  I am sure I will have what we call in this family "Bus Driver Arms"...lol 
on 3/16/11 1:19 pm - Mchenry, IL
We call them lunch lady arms LOL sorry not to put down anyone here that's a lunchlady!

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on 3/16/11 1:23 pm
Hi and welcome!  I was 1 year out last week and am plannng some plastics for this summer. 
As a previous poster said, the condition of your skin is dependent on a number of factors.  I though I would be in the clear because I too was heavy all over and relatively young (32) but I am not satified with my stomach.  Here is a before and after with a loss of about 120lbs.  I am just under 130 now. Would I trade the excess skin for the weight?  Absolutely no. Totally cannot tell when I am dressed. I am lucky that I have no problems with my back, thighs and arms.  Even to me they look like I was not heavy.  Best of luck!
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on 3/16/11 2:05 pm - Henderson, NV
 I had my surgery when I was 23.  Since I began strength training, my arms have gotten a lot better than I expected them to be... that being said, my thighs, lower abdomen, and boobs are a trainwreck.  Like the other people who have replied, I think it depends on a lot of factors.  I have seen some younger people who don't need plastics as badly as I do.

Is it worth it?  Totally.  Unless I'm naked, you'd never know how bad the loose skin is.  

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Michelle J.
on 3/16/11 11:22 pm - Isanti, MN
Congratulations on your decision for WLS - It is hard but so worth the rewards. I'm nearing my one year mark and I lost as of this morning 148 pounds. I'm going to be 40 this July and boy do I have the skin. I will take that over the wieght any day. But maybe in the future there may be plastics for me. Good luck to you!
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