vomiting - nothing?

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on 4/7/11 1:41 am, edited 4/7/11 1:47 am - HI
I am curious if anyone else has had this happen to them. 

I occasionally throw up but nothing comes out except saliva.   It usually happens in the early morning hours like 2 - 3 am.  I will wake up and feel what feels like hunger pains then my mouth starts watering and, well you know the rest....  and even when it happens after a meal nothing comes up.  I have only thrown up actual "food" twice since surgery.

Just wondering if anyone knows what this is about?


Pamela S.
on 4/7/11 2:00 am - Virginia Beach, VA
Since surgery I too have not been able to throw up. I've gotten sick and nothing comes out. There are quite a few of us like that. Your not alone.
on 4/7/11 2:13 am - Cosmopolis, WA
RNY on 03/08/11 with
I haven't experienced the vomiting but every morning when I get up which is about 4:00 a.m and I take those first sips of water I feel like it is going to come up.  I remain nauseatied for a good half hour to forty five minutes but I keep sipping the water.  Kind of interesting that in your case and mine and maybe many others the early morning hours seem to have bear difficulties. 
So Blessed!
on 4/7/11 5:48 am

For the first couple of years post op I could not drink plain water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  It would make me sick as a dog.  I always had to mix it with something.

on 4/7/11 2:21 am - TX
I have had this happen several times.....it is weird that no actual food comes up, just what I call "bubbles".  I agree that the mouth definitely waters and I know what is going to happen....I also get cold during this time period which has lasted 10 minutes up to a couple of hours.
Dave Chambers
on 4/7/11 5:44 am - Mira Loma, CA
RNY on 05/10/06 with
If you had RNY, vomiting is very difficult.  Bile lubricates your throat when you throw up, and you have hardly any bile available post op.  I've only thrown up once in 5 years, and that was from highly seasoned bbq'd pork.  Only after I ate it, was it known that this meat was left in the extra fridge here for some 7 plus days before cooking. Probably rotten meat. I've felt ill early out and actually tried to put fingers down my throat to induce vomiting, and it only resulted in dry heaves.  Many may experience "foamies"  when they feel like throwing up, but still they are unable to throw up.  DAVE

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on 4/8/11 7:20 am - CA
 I have had that throw up feeling only once. That's enough! My problem now is nausea. Every time I eat or drink anything I immediately feel nauseous. I had my surgery the last week in December. I did the liquid diet for 4 weeks, then soft foods for 2 weeks. I started slowly on protein rich foods and was fine for awhile and now this. I am worried about my nutrition. I really can't  eat more that a tablespoon of any food. Any liquid I try to drink even by small sips, again makes me nauseous. I 'm unable to drink the protein drinks without this sick feeling. I am just sick of food! Any body have this, or had this? Help! Losing weight, but worried about my health.
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