Excess Skin Rashes?

on 4/10/11 5:17 am - Fullerton, CA
 So I was wondering what everyone uses for the rashes that develop from the skin folds when we lose the weight. I have had a couple after working out and they burn. I now use baby rash ointment. So sexy!!! LOL! But last night i noticed that I had one in my belly button. 
So what are your cures? I really don't feel like seeing a doctor and have him examine my flab. 
on 4/10/11 5:42 am - Smithsburg, MD
I can't tell you what to use, but I have had a few myself since surgery. When I visited my surgeon 2 weeks ago, she told me to make an appointment with my PCP each time I have one so that it is documented and hopefully if it continues to be a problem, insurance will cover to have surgery to remove excess skin (not a tummy tuck - just removing the skin). So the next time I develop a rash, I will be going to see the doctor. She also said to make sure you are dry under the rolls and to use baby powder to help with any moisture. Good Luck. I am curious to see what everyone recommends.
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on 4/10/11 6:07 am - Stranded in, IA
Use a hairdryer after bathing to fully dry the area.  Zeasorb powder (near the foot stuff at WalMart)  until it clears.

Every day I used shower to shower powder with a little Zeasorb on top to maintain.

Good luck

Kathleen W.
on 4/10/11 6:56 am - Lancaster, PA
I get the same kind of rashes.  My PCP has already told me about excess skin removal and sent me to a plastic surgeon. (he was doing my gynecological work at the time, so he saw EVERYTHING!.  As far as baby powder,  I get the kind that has corn starch, aloe vera, and depending on brand, vitamin E.

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on 4/10/11 7:05 am
I always make sure to dry EVERYTHING with my hairdryer when I get out of the shower. If I sweat during the day etc, I get a washcloth with  only warm water and gently go over the "rash". Then I dry that area with the hairdryer again. The key is to keep dry, The worst thing for you is to let the sweat between your rolls stay there and get funky. I even have used paper towels if I'm somewhere out and about to dry off the under belly, under and in between my boobs, my neck etc. I went to the Dr. and he gave me Nystatin powder, which prevents yeast infections and infection. It feels like silk when you put it on and nothing feels klike its rubbing together. You can use talcum powder or corn starch for the same effect.
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on 4/10/11 7:40 am
You should schedule an appointment with a dermatologist so they can docment the rashes.  My dermatologist gave my husband (he also had wls) an anti-fugus cream and powder to use.  It really helps when it comes time to get the skin removed.

Good luck!
on 4/10/11 10:06 am - CA
 Gold bond powder ... and keep dry ...
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on 4/10/11 12:09 pm
I find areosol deodorant helpful. Wash often, dry thoroughly, and spray on deodorant. I like the Degree with powder.
on 4/11/11 2:35 pm - Fullerton, CA
 Thanks for all of the help everyone! 
on 1/3/14 2:06 pm
I've had the same issue. I use Palmers bottom butter. Works and smells great. Its annoying to have to use almost every day but I guess there's no cure for the rashes under flaps of skin
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