Problems sleeping with a Lap-Band: Choking in your sleep!

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on 4/15/11 9:07 am
Am I the only person with a Lap-Band that has had issues where your stomach acid wakes you up in the middle of the night by creeping into your airway and choking you.  I wake up coughing violently and tasting acid-ish foamy stuff.  It seems to happen every 20 or 30 minutes when I fall into deep sleep.

This has been going on for 3 nights now.  I am tired as hell.  The first night it stopped at about 4:40am, the second night it stopped at about 3 AM, and last night it finally stopped at 2am.  I have been sleeping in a chair to help things out and that does seem to help, but sometimes it still happens even when sleeping sitting up straight.

Just to give some background info... I am on Omeprazole (20mg) every morning for acid reduction.  I have also resorted to Malox at night for anti-acid/anti-gas.  I do not eat past 7PM.  I am also completely open with my Lap-Band there is no fill what so ever.  My band is slipped and I am waiting to have it removed in 10 days but I just need some sleep.

I have also gone back to mushies and avoided solid food for the past 3 days. It does seem like it is extra tight now, again without a fill at all. It's almost like my lining is annoyed by something.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me get some sleep until then?   Is there something you take to make your pouch "behave"?  IS THERE NO TAMING THIS BEAST!!!!

Nic M
on 4/15/11 9:22 am
Oh no, you're definitely not the only one! I remember this all too well. The acid-choking- gagging AND the never ending left shoulder pain used to make me a walking zombie.

I'm taking Dexalant right now for gastritis and other stomach issues.  It's doc prescribed and works great for me. Are you taking over the counter Omeprazole, Bear? If you are, maybe a stronger prescription would help?

I can't wait for you to get that sucker removed so you can feel better. I bet you have irritated stomach lining or a bit of gastritis causing this. It stinks!



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on 4/15/11 12:32 pm
Yes, I am on an over the counter Omeprazole. I'm really worried about bumping up the dosage because of some of my other meds.  I take a drug called Reyataz and you are not allowed more than 20mg of Omeorazole a day while taking Reyataz. The other catch is that you have to take the 2 pills 12 hours from each other.  So if the 20mg Omeprazole doesn't work then I am ******
on 4/15/11 1:35 pm - Wiesbaden, Germany
DS on 10/08/13
Ask your gastro or bariatrics doctor about Prevacid or Nexium instead of the Omeprazole.

I have the same issue, it's a form of GERD.  And the acidy taste is gastric acid.  Nasty, nasty stuff.

I'm thinking about a revision when I get back to the states.  Just trying to figure out what...
on 4/15/11 9:22 am - Fairborn, OH
I feel for ya.  I got my band removed last August and I was unfilled from December til August and the last few weeks I couldn't sleep at all.  I had to be pretty much straight up in a chair and "try" to sleep, there wasn't any laying down at all.  It was hell.  Sorry that I don't have any better advice, but I do feel for ya.  Hang in there the hell is almost over!

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on 4/15/11 12:33 pm
It's almost as if the band knows that it is coming out and it's being a pissy litte jerk in it's last moments of life.
kerry D.
on 4/15/11 9:48 am - Cambridge, MA
I had extremely bad reflux before my RNY, and for the last 6 months bf surgery I had this problem at least 2x/month.  I know what a terrible feeling it is to wake up with your throat and up into your mouth on fire, it even makes it hard to breathe, and takes esp. long to go away so you can sleep...I feel for ya!  Since you are getting the vsg, you might have reflux for life, albeit maybe improved.  the only medication that worked for me was Nexium daily.  I tried them all.  It can be more expensive since there is no generic, but it is soooo worth it!  If I was dedicated to taking it everyday, I never had any "break-thru" reflux. Also, if you are eating any of these items, STOP NOW... caffeine, alcohol, carbonated bevs, bev w/ citric acid added, tomatoes(sauce included), bananas, simple sugars. 

You are very close to surgery, so taking meds can be dangerous.  I would call your surgeon's office and ask them for a Rx for Nexium for 2-3 days, just make sure they double check with your anesthesiologist for an OK!!!  Very important!

Or you could pick up a bottle of apple cider vinegar and drink 2 tablespoons before meals.  It's not the most pleasant taste, but does help a lot, only costs about $2, and you could probably use it up until surgery since it is not a med(again check with anesth).  Mixing in some artificial sweetner or agave, and cinnamon , makes it taste more like cider which helps with the taste.
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on 4/15/11 12:36 pm
I am going to talk to my Doc about useing a larger bougie size and leaving more slack so that the acid problem can be reduced.  I would rather have a larger pouch than have the acid.  Plus, being a guy who has a long torso, I am betting since I have a longer stomach that this may not be as big of a problem. 

Luckily, with my band, it didn't become an issue until I had slippage.
kerry D.
on 4/15/11 12:43 pm - Cambridge, MA
I with you there.  I would also would rather have a larger pouch than the acid.
on 4/15/11 4:51 pm
For what it's worth---back when I had my DS seve years ago, they were making the sleeves larger than they do today. It seems to have completely cured my acid reflux.
on 4/15/11 9:52 am - BF-Nowhere, United Kingdom
Honey up your dose to 40mg Omeprazole daily.  It will help!

Things will get worse for the first 2 months of your VSG (well it sucked after my DS) but eventually the excess acid went away (guess my banana finally got the point that they didn't need **** tonne of acid).  I took my Omeprazole at lunch time to get better snoozy cover.  Give it a go. xx

RIP Mickie aka Happychick.  You will be missed deeply.
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on 4/15/11 12:40 pm
Here is my problem with Omeprazole, it doesn't sit well with some of my meds that I take at night.  I take a med called Reyataz that limits you to 20mg of Omeprazole a day and it also requires you to take it 12 hours away from Reyataz.  I also can't take any kind of antacid ( like tums or maalox) within 2 hours of taking the Reyataz.

So in that case I am kind of ******

I am going to speak with my Dr on Wednesday about my surgery and I am going to ask for a larger sized bougie (or at least a good stretch with some slack around a smaller one).

on 4/15/11 10:02 am

This is what worked for me.    do not lie down for at least 3 hours after eating.   Placed a brick on each end at the top of the bed where we sleep, and purchased a wedge pillow.  big help!    I feel for you as the chocking just freaked me out!

Good luck with your band removel, and hope if you have a new surgery it all works great!!

Band removed and feeling alive with energy!

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on 4/15/11 12:34 pm
sorry, have to ask.
bricks in your bed to deal w/reflux?

do they stay in place?
have you cracked your head on one?

extreme measure for me - but hey if it works.

on 4/15/11 1:42 pm - Wiesbaden, Germany
DS on 10/08/13
It slopes the bed.  You usually put them under the legs of the bed, although, if you have a solid bed platform, you can put them directly under the box spring/mattress.

It can be pretty helpful.  Although I find the wedge pillow a better alternative choice.

Also, if you must lie on your side, it should be left side down.  Gastroenterologist told me that one and it does seem to be true.
Nic M
on 4/15/11 5:37 pm
The left side thing... I've been told that, as well. When I was having tremendous left shoulder pain, the doctor recommended that I lie on my left side so gravity would pull my stomach down slightly, since the stomach is on the left side. It never actually worked for that pain, but it did help a little with reflux.


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on 4/15/11 11:22 pm
 I agree the acid reflux is worse when you lay on your right side. The left does soothe it a bit. 
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on 4/15/11 12:43 pm
I don't think my boyfirend would allow the bricks..   But I may check into the wedge pillow. 

So far I have been going downstairs to sleep on this oversized chaise lounge that we have so that I can sleep sitting straight up.  I wedge all the pillows around me to keep me upright even after I sleep.  The problem is that even straight up, for the past 3 nights at least, it's still heading up my throat.

on 4/15/11 10:08 am
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on 4/15/11 12:55 pm
Yep, I think that is definately what I am going to have to do since I have hit a ceiling with the Omeprazole.