Spirulina...How much protein do we need daily

Sugar Mama
on 6/22/11 1:44 pm - amityville, NY
Does anyone know exactly how much protein we are suppose to be getting daily?
I was also wondering does any one know or heard of a tasty drink or shake that includes 
Spirulina.....I hear its the highest form of protein one can get...? besides that brand by Naked..
on 6/22/11 4:41 pm - Northern, CA
Actually, spirulina isn't the highest form of protein you can get. The highest form is protein from milk or eggs followed by meat protein. Spirulina is better than most plant forms of protein though because it's a complete protein. It's not as good as milk, egg or meat protein because it has reduced amounts of methioninecysteine and lysine compared to them. It also costs about 30x more per gram of protein than those sources.

Everyone will tell you something different as to how much protein to get. My program starts people off at 70-90 g and says that getting at least 70 g a day is for life, not just during the weight loss phase. Some people say that RnYers should get 100g (in order to actually absorb 70 g).

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Sugar Mama
on 6/23/11 12:59 pm - amityville, NY
 Thank you ... wow wow wow....I have a feeling that I am beginning a life long journey as a student of health
What type of Protein shakes did you do ,,,,or shall I say that you now  recommend post op.....for a newbie...9 days out?
on 6/23/11 3:24 pm - Northern, CA
I believe early out the most important thing is to find one you'll actually drink. Later on, when you are getting more protein from food, you can be pickier.

Anything with whey protein is good. If you are sensitive to lactose, be sure to get whey protein isolate as the whey protein has been isolated from the lactose and milk fats. Whey protein concentrate is whey protein where not all the lactose and milk fat has been removed. It's fine for most people.

I personally really like Chike which I get at http://expressmetabolics.com and http://www.bsciresourcecenter.com/. I also fill in the gaps with the fruity protein drinks and the hot chocolate from Healthwise (aka Healthsmart and Nashua Nutrition).

Other popular brands are:

Syntrax Nectar
Oh Yeah RTD
Click (if you like coffee)
Unjury (people seem to really like or really hate this one -- I really hate it)

But, if you can't take the whey protein, you can get protein powders made from soy protein or egg protein. Jay Robb has some protein powders that are made with soy and with egg as well as whey. 

What I did early out was buy a lot of samples. A lot of the manufacturers will send you samples for cheap or for just shipping & handling. VitaLady sells samples of every protein powder she sells, as well. Some companies have single serving sizes too. These are great because you don't have to buy a big tub and then find you hate it.

Another trick is to buy from places like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. These places let you return opened tubs of protein powder, which most places won't.

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MSW will not settle
on 6/23/11 2:13 am

weight in pounds        divided by 2.2       equals daily protein in grams

150 lbs                            150 / 2.2 =             68g protein per day

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Sugar Mama
on 6/23/11 12:49 pm - amityville, NY
 Thanks you that was such good info thank you. ...so now I realize that not only do I need waaaay more protein....but also my need for protein will evolve for some time...
. ...what type of protein drink did you opt for Post Op if you don't mind me asking...
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