after weight loss I now have sever smelly infection under my stomach flap. what can I do?

on 7/10/11 1:40 pm - Harrison, AR
I had gastric bypass back in 1992. I went from 450 to 167. now I have this smelly infection under my belly flap. I have tried all the things the doctor has told me to and nothing works. Help I need to get rid of the flap but all I have is medicare and Arkansas Medicaid and a medical credit card of $2500.

Tammy H.
on 7/10/11 11:26 pm - Greenville, OH
 I get this all the time...I use the Walmart brand ( Equate) Athetics foot spray powder in a can...I clean the area good, dry it off, then spray this on...It might burn at first but only for a few seconds...You might then try putting a powder on top...Something that doesnt have perfume scent in it...My doctor gives me a prescription powder that I use...

You might want to have your doctor check out this area just to make sure.

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Diminishing Dawn
on 7/11/11 12:21 am - Windsor, Canada
Have you tried medicated cream for a yeast infection? It is more than likely a yeast infection - cellulitis. My doctor prescribed me that once. Some people use the over the counter stuff too like canesten cream

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on 7/11/11 12:33 am
I get the same thing and I also get it inside my belly's a yeast infection and my doctor put me on Nystatin Cream.  Also gave me a pill called diflucan which treats yeast infections.  Hope you can find something that works for you. 
T D.
on 7/11/11 1:04 am
I use this cleanser weekly in the shower:

and if it does get out of hand, I lightly spread on some OTC generic cream normally used for vaginal yeast infections. You can get it in a tube (which comes with an applicator you won't need) rather than single use applicators or suppositories.

Keep going to the Dr to follow up on the infections-that is probably the only way you can document the real need for post-weight loss reconstructive surgery to remove the flap.
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on 7/11/11 2:18 am
First off, you need to go to the doctor every time you get this rash, because you'll need documentation if you want Medicare and Medicaid to cover you for removal of the excess skin. (This is called a panniculectomy.)

Diaper-rash cream usually cures it overnight.
on 7/11/11 2:40 am
Balmex (yes, diaper rash cream) works overnight for me.
wash the area, dry it well and apply.

I discovered it by accident one night when I was desperate.

And, like someone e else mentioned...get to your doctor and get these issues documented.

Good luck. I know it is miserable.

4 weeks from today, I will have a TT...and I am so happy at the thought of having this thing gone!
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Mary A.
on 7/11/11 2:48 am
I agree get to your family doctor and document it....if he/she precribes a cream and it doesn't work or only works for a short duration, keep going want to show in the future if you are exploring plastic surgery, that you have done everything you possibly can.

all the best

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on 7/11/11 4:38 am - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94
First: document Have them call it what it is, a yeast infection hat can bleed, weep and become seriously infected. It's not "just a rash".

To treat, wash with gentle soap, dry and apply antifungal. I used Lotrimin cream, like for athleete's foot, which is a yeast infection, too. I used the store brand, though.

At first, wash, dry, apply 3 times per day. Don't bother to put it on if you have not washed and dried first. Dry GENTLY.

Corn starch, baby powders and those will FEED the yeast. It will give you something more dramatic to show the doctor, but not help save your tender skin.

Wash, dry, apply. When it is under control, if the weather is still hot, wash, dry apply morning and night. I never stopped doing it at least once/day until I had my skin fixed. The yeast accumulate immediately again. They are live things, so you want to wash them off, dry the area, and apply a barrier to keep them away.

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Fo' Shizzle My Sizzle
on 7/11/11 5:07 am, edited 7/11/11 5:08 am
Definately see a doc first.

I had jungle rot under my stomach flap last summer, and the anti-fungus creams didn't work either, so I tried a home remedy and it worked for me, your milage may vary, I'm just putting this out here in case you want to try it. I'm usually wary of any home remedies myself...

Take 2 cups of epsom salt (course grind) and mix it with a couple tablespoons of Jojoba oil mixed with several drops of rose otto (the pure stuff) and then put it in a airtight container. Use a few handfulls of this as a scrub on the inflamed skin (as long as it's not bleeding) every time you take your daily shower. It will sting a bit, but don't scrub too hard since you don't want to make the rash bleed. After the shower, dry the skin well and apply some anti-fungal powder to help keep moisture under control. Rose flowers and oil are very good for promoting skin healing, and salt is known to be hostile to microbes, so I whipped this up and it got rid of my jungle rot in 3 weeks.
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